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The BMA and Japan
Posted Wednesday, 16 March 2011 at 11:30

The BMA attack on the NHS health reforms yesterday was always going to happen; it was just a question of when.

In recent history, it would appear that the only time doctors were really happy was when Gordon Brown gave them a new contract – one which reduced working hours, took away on call and hiked GPs pay by as much as fifty percent, for some it was even more. And even then they complained.

The main beef with the BMA is the provision in the Bill known as ‘any willing provider’. This allows anyone or organisation who can provide a commissionable service, to be able to bid to do so, so long as they comply with a quality criteria and a fixed price.

How does that work? Well, in the case of a Sigmoidoscopy, why does that need a doctor, a hospital, waiting times, the associated costs (not to mention the sheer hazard of walking into a hospital to a meet and greet by MRSA and Clostridium difficile) when a technician can do the job just as well, cheaper, quicker, in the GP practice and probably, as a specialist provider, with greater skill and efficiency?

We actually don’t need doctors to carry out many procedures which can be fulfilled by others, especially skilled nurse technicians.

The BMA protest and subsequent vote yesterday is about one thing, job protection. The BMA has little care for the fact that under the new reforms, power transfers into the hands of the patient. That decisions regarding a patient can never again be taken without the patient being part of the decision making process. They don’t like the fact that the new reforms will focus on outcomes – after all, measuring outcomes will reveal who is and who isn’t doing the job well.

4000 GPs have signed up to become the pathfinder consortia ahead of 2012. I’m sure they weren’t at the vote.

The BMA union has over 141,000 members. Only 450 took part in the vote. Could those 450 be extremely politically motivated? I couldn’t possibly say. No really, I couldn’t. How could I know?

It does sort of seem that way though, doesn’t it?

Maybe the BMA should stop complaining about every single thing each and every government does and then maybe MPs, and other decision makers in Parliament, may just take them a little more seriously.

And another thing..

Walking along the Embankment this morning I overheard a very smart young man talking into his mobile phone ….

“Do you think the Japanese disaster will bring about a renaissance in Japanese art? Me too, get on it - buy now”.

Don’t you just love London?

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