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No to AV
Posted Tuesday, 15 February 2011 at 14:19

The No 2 AV campaign launched today.


Lord Robert Winston and Matthew Elliott made, in my opinion, the following accurate statements

 Robert Winston said:

"Paying for proper constitutional reform can be justified. But paying millions for a change in the voting system that almost everyone agrees is a miserable little compromise simply can't be justified."

Matthew Elliott said:

"The British people are concerned about the cost of living, their jobs and where the cuts might fall. The Yes campaign think they are concerned about voting systems. At this time is it really right to be spending a quarter of a billion pounds on the Alternative Vote?"

The campaign is going to cost at least £250 billion at a time when both inflation and the numbers of unemployed are rising.

Although Lord Winston and Matthew did an excellent job of launching this unwanted campaign, its Churchill’s quote I like the best;

Winston Churchill

(AV is) “The worst of all possible plans..the stupidest.. the least scientific…and the most unreal. The decision is to be determined by the most worthless votes, given to the most worthless candidates”

Amen to that.

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