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Posted Sunday, 9 May 2010 at 10:15

I have been hit by the ‘Gherson ‘ factor today.

For anyone who has seen the ‘Ghersonesque’ article, I would just like to point out the following.


The ‘former employee’ left my employment following a mutual agreement that it was time to go. This agreement was reached when he went for lunch at 1pm and returned at 9am the following morning. It was clear that his extra curricular, recreational habits were interfering with his work.


He was desperate to become a Conservative MP and applied to become a candidate, he was rejected.


He then wrote his own reference from my office and found himself another job, which I have been told, was advertised in the national press a couple of weeks ago.


He attempted to smear another Conservative candidate before me in the local newspapers, but it didn’t work.


That candidate won last Thursday.


He didn’t go to the papers with his fictitious story during the expenses crisis; he went two weeks into the election campaign. The Liberal Democrat opponent was the only other person he appears to have discussed this with, as verified by her indiscreet comments on Twitter.


The ‘friend’ I employ was an employee before becoming a friend. We met as a result of my employing her.


I am friends with everyone I employ and count amongst my friends people I have employed in the past. Minus one it would appear.


The ‘friend’ I employ still works for me. The details of her work and job description are held with and approved by the Parliamentary authorities.


The remainder of my Sunday will be spent writing thank you letters. Over 29,000 of them :)

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