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Posted Friday, 19 March 2010 at 09:51


Another day and more fiction from the Daily Telegraph. Today they have included an aerial picture of my rented constituency house.

It doesn’t say, of course, that the photo includes all of the farm offices and buildings which are not rented by me. Or that the house is situated in a working woodcutting yard.


I rented this house at Christmas because it was £2000 per year cheaper than the previous house.


I have posted a more realistic photo. Just for good measure I will reiterate that I never chose to buy, always to rent, and therefore I make no profit. There is no ‘flipping’ or home improvements claimed for. I have never claimed from the famous John Lewis list or claimed for cleaners, gardeners, ducks or anything else.


I believe that IPSA are recommending that in future MPs do just what I have been doing since I was first elected.


I have also posted a picture of a rather snowed-in also newly acquired main home which the Telegraph managed to make look like a tiny pin prick!


The Telegraph also state, ‘she has indicated to this paper that her main home was in Lytham St Anne’s’. How did I do that exactly? Did I point to a road sign? Play a game of charades with the reporter?


The fact is that the Telegraph knows my elderly mother lives in Lytham St Anne’s and they know I visit her from time-to-time, and so they threw that into the mix.


Jon Swaine, the reporter, did not speak to villagers when he trespassed onto my garden and started to take photos through my windows: he was literally chased out of the village by the decorator and a neighbour. In a Cotswold village he stood out like a sore thumb, in the biting wind wearing his city slicker grey overcoat. He was chased down the lane on the three mile walk back to the main road with his leather briefcase between his legs.


The Daily Telegraph really has lost the plot. It wants a scalp and it wants mine. The trouble is, in order to get a scalp, the person wearing it needs to have done something wrong. A point they appear to be missing. As ConservativeHome said yesterday, the moral of the story is, never criticise the Barclay Brothers

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