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What's in a name?
Posted Friday, 5 March 2010 at 11:30


Is this a good or a bad thing?


When Iain Dale wrote his daily dozen yesterday he referred to me as simply ‘Nadine’ and then listed Keith Simpson MP below me. I know Iain and I are mates; however, Iain and Keith are too. I love being known as just 'Nadine'. It's how I sign my letters, how the local press refer to me and how I am known to my constituents.


On my ballott paper at the General election 'Nadine' will be in the larger letters.


The Spectator, and others, have me on their blog role as Nadine Dorries, but every other MP has the initials MP after their name.


Following on from my blog yesterday and the subject matter of my 10 minute rule Bill,  I suppose I'm on a bit of a theme here at the moment, however,  is this a subtle ‘girl’ (hate the word gender) thing?


Are men less likely to use the initials MP after a woman than a man?


Do people refer to Ann Widdecombe MP, or just Ann Widdecombe?

Is it Theresa May MP and Harriett Harman MP, or just Harriett Harman and Theresa May?


Would it be Tom Harris MP and Kerry McCarthy, or Tom Harris MP and Kerry McCarthy MP?


Just askin', that’s all. I don’t care a jot if the initials MP are after my name or not, I prefer to be known as ‘Nadine’ and I like the fact that is how Iain refers to me. I just think it’s interesting how often the initials aren’t put after the names of women but always follow on from a man.

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