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A work of fiction?
Posted Friday, 1 January 2010 at 19:08

I have just read an amusing story in the Guardian, regarding the possible usurping of Bercow as Speaker at the beginning of a new Parliament


The article quotes the Cornerstone group as using its membership as a block vote 'threat' to force an election with the intention of removing Bercow.


No source is quoted anywhere in the article. As I am commonly known as the main protagonist against Bercow and as a member of the Cornerstone Steering Committee, I can’t help feeling that this article may be a work of fiction.


Ultimatums are never a good thing and rarely have good outcomes.


It is no secret that I hold the election of John Bercow as an insult to the office of the Speaker’s chair. He should go for so many reasons. The mere fact that Labour used the election as a hammer to hit the Conservative party over the head and that the election was politically motivated - is just one. The inappropriate interview given by his wife, who resides in grace and favour apartments, in which she insulted David Cameron, is another.


Regardless of how valid the reasons are and how excellent a candidate Edward Leigh would be, I for one would never condone the issuing of an ultimatum from Cornerstone and I doubt Edward Leigh would either.


If Bercow survives the General Election, the first business to be undertaken once the House sits is his re-election, which is usually just an academic process. Within this process is the opportunity for back-benchers to shout ‘NO’. I have no idea if it has ever happened before; however, I am quite sure if Bercow is in the chair it may happen this time.


Cornerstone may step up to the plate to support and campaign for Edward and when they do so, it will be done without threats, fairly, with good grace and decorum. If for no other reason than to highlight the difference between how the Labour party and the Conservatives treat such an important historical tradition and process.

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