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Posted Thursday, 12 November 2009 at 10:17

Jim Devine


According to the air waves and Sky News, who have just called, I'm supposed to have apologised to Jim Devine - If the following is an apology, then I hold up my hands.

I think the underlying issue here is that the Labour party are trying to 'do over' Kerry McCarthy MP and have whipped this up in order to assist.

It is no secret that many Labour MPs, some very senior, are totally furious with what Kerry Twittered last week regarding Sir Nick and have called to have her 'shut down'. 

I will admit, Kerry Twitters so incessantly, often every couple of minutes, that she may have lost perspective.

The 'who needs the Sun when you have Twitter' comment may have been the first sign.

Anyway, here's what I sent to Jim. An e-mail that I thought would be private and one I hoped would help him to understand why I 'shopped' him.  Any Hack who wants to pop into my office and check the system is welcome to do so.






We both know that what you said was said sometime ago, in jest and obviously after a very good lunch. It doesn’t make it less offensive; however, I had no intention of ever repeating what you had said to me ever, until I read what Kerry McCarthy had written about Sir Nick – someone I have known for a very long time. He may have many faults but being a predator is not one of them.


I am afraid that having commented to my colleagues, the situation may have got out of hand and I certainly never said some of the things I read in the Sunday press.


I remember at the time sharing what you had said to me with a female MP, who I think may have been, somewhat ironically, Natascha.


I am not happy that in anger, I stooped to Kerry’s level and I have learnt a lesson for the future.


I have always felt we got on well and I am sorry that my revelation to colleagues may have caused you embarrassment. I am sure it is a taste of what the next few months may hold.


Best Wishes,



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