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Parvez For Mayor!
Posted Friday, 9 October 2009 at 22:33

Blimey! Only just stopped and have to catch a flight in a few hours.

I spent part of my day with Parvez, the Conservative candidate for the Bedford Mayoral election which takes place next Thursday.


Parvez is an astounding candidate. Not only does he live in the heart of Bedford, with all the problems the remainder of his neighbours live with, but he is also the most gentle, un-assuming, modest, humble, kindest individual you could ever wish to meet.


Bedford has been let down by one failing administration after another. The town centre is quite frankly screaming out for help.


Parvez reminds me of the newly elected mayor for Doncaster. He wants to cut council tax, do more for less and turn Bedford into a town which people can be proud to shop and socialise in.


Next Thursday, which is polling day, I will be spending almost the entire day in Turvey. If you can join us for a pub lunch and help GOTV then please call my constituency office on 01462 811992.


I have to be honest about this, its also a great opportunity to share a beer and enjoy chatting to the people you just never have time to sit down and talk to in the hectic life we all live.


So, take a day out – get over to Turvey next Thursday. Parvez and I will be thrilled to see you because it is going to be one awesome day, and It would be just great if you could be a part of that.


Look forward to seeing you there.

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