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Posted Wednesday, 7 October 2009 at 14:02

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Tomorrow David Cameron will take to the conference stage and, once again, Sam will join him.

She will no doubt be a very proud lady and I'm sure there will be the spontaneous display of emotion you would expect from an affectionate and loving couple.

However, I can guarantee something that Sam will definitely not do. I can absolutely 100% assure you that hell would freeze over before Sam would stand on that platform and describe David as her "hero" as Sarah Brown did at the Labour conference.

Sam is for real. She is far more likely to tell David to 'get over himself' should he, for one minute, begin to behave like a potential Prime Minister when he's at home.

Sam keeps David real. She does it via dirty nappies and the school run; by ensuring that they maintain a balance between what's work and life, what's important and not.

I'm sure she wouldn't be impressed if David got up or went to bed at hours which almost met, because that's not normal and it’s not how you live a family life. That's how someone who has it all wrong behaves. Life is about maintaining a balance which enhances your judgment and perspective and feeds the inner person with the things that make you happy.

I can only begin to imagine Sam's response had she been asked to stand on the stage in a rather pathetic and pleading way and inform the nation how much she loves her husband, that he was her hero. 

Dare I say, it's just not British? It’s not what we do. People instinctively didn't like it; it was just plain wrong.

Sarah Brown would genuinely have been acting from a position of love and concern for her husband, and like any wife, would do anything she could to help, but it really didn't do Gordon any favours.

There can hardly be a working woman in the land who didn't inwardly cringe when she saw and heard that speech.

It, in itself, was a statement that spoke of absolute desperation and misjudgement. Whoever told Sarah it was a good idea got it so wrong.

We want to see Sam join David. We want to see them on the stage, united in love and purpose, side by side.

But its David we want to hear from, David we want to judge for ourselves. We want to see and know that there is a strong and capable woman behind him who makes sure he takes the time out to be a family man and to enjoy his friends, but it’s David we want to lead the country.

The more Sam earths David, the better for us all. If she ever starts to describe him as her hero we will know they have both lost the plot and in doing so will lose the trust of those who will invest in our future Prime Minister.

And anyway, wouldn't we all think it was so much nicer if it was Sam who was David's heroine? I'm sure it really is that way around and long may it last.

So don't expect a replay of the tummy turning schmoltz you saw last week at the Labour conference because it just isn't happening at ours.

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