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Marr, how low can you go?
Posted Monday, 28 September 2009 at 09:35

Twitter came alive during the Marr interview yesterday. Comments focused on Marr's line of questioning around Brown's health, his eye sight and any dependence he may have on medication.

From entirely my own perspective, British TV journalism hit the gutter yesterday, as Marr took a broadcast interview into a place usually inhabited by red top newspapers.

If Gordon Brown were blind, we would notice. Is it a crime to have poor eyesight?

Do we believe that, as three out of five people suffer with mental health problems/depression at some stage during their life, those people should be excluded from holding high office forever?

I use my blog frequently to criticise this Government and indeed Brown himself.

However, regardless of the political differences parties and politicians have between each other and regardless of how desperate we Conservatives are to expose Labours failings, remove them from office and get behind the wheel ourselves, I cannot believe there is one Conservative MP, who, if sat in Marr's place, would have asked those questions.

Brown looked extremely uncomfortable. It was obvious that his personal private territory was being invaded. I, and I'm sure many others, felt equally discomforted by watching.

There was so much substance Marr could have attacked. Labours record is seriously wanting

Gordon Brown's stewardship both as Chancellor and PM provides no end of mistakes and decisions to take issue with, not least GB's handling of the economy.

 Attacking the man in such a personal way, and not at all professionally, took journalism to a new low and eroded what respect is left within society for politicians. It moved us one step further along the road of a society concerned more with image and gossip than substance and fact. It was a very significant and sad moment.

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