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Killing me softly
Posted Thursday, 25 June 2009 at 12:19

My fawning admiration for Fraser Nelson is no secret. I just wish the man was a candidate and applying for one of our newly vacant seats!

However, as a journalist said when I made the same comment at a lunch recently, "what, and earn the money you earn, you must be joking!"

Fraser has written his own take here in the Spectator

on the Labour Party’s decision to hoist John Bercow into the Speaker’s chair.

It actually makes very depressing reading. However, it does highlight the vindictive nature of the out going Labour MPs.

The job of men like Fraser, is to ensure the public are fully aware of the cynicism and low regard in which Labour MPs hold the British people; and then, to let them know again.

On the night of the vote for Speaker, the majority of us crowded out onto the Terrace whilst the votes were being counted.

A Labour PPC came up to me and he was the happiest I have seen him in a very long time. Standing next to him was a female Labour Minister.

He explained that the reason that he was so happy was because it was the job of the Labour party to ‘stick it’ to the Tories; and that they were about to ‘stick it’ to us good and proper.

I told him it was a shame that he felt it was more about ‘sticking it’ to the Tories than getting it right for Parliament and the people. That surely in these desperate times it should be about more than party politics and above the usual game playing?

He laughed into his pint.

"You do know the media will murder you for this don’t you?" said I. "One hint that this was about MPs, Westminster and game playing with no regard for the nation, democracy, restoring faith, honour and honesty within Parliament – which belongs to the people, NOT us - and they will come after you."

"What does she mean?" said the Labour Minister looking up to him with furrowed brows.

I groaned inside. Over to you Fraser. 

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