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Posted Wednesday, 17 June 2009 at 14:56

I went into the chamber to say goodbye to the Speaker and to catch the last few tributes. Some  were very moving indeed.


John Bercow rose to speak however, the speaker left him until almost the last. Bercow spoke about the prejudice the snobbish media had shown towards the Speaker since he had been elected.


I thought about some very strong words I had with Bercow in the dining room not that long ago.


I accused him of being elitist and told him that the way he corrected people’s grammar, from under his breath,  whilst they were on their feet and talking in the chamber was appallingly snobbish and incredibly off putting. A number of us had noted it. He mainly does it to Conservative MPs from his sedentary position. When Labour MPs stand, he nods his head furiously and heaps muttered praise upon them.


Greasing the wheels I think it’s called.


Once when I wrote about this on my blog, he went into the whips office to complain about me. I was told to modify my blog.


As if.


I sat behind his left shoulder today. I may be there for some time.

Simon said:
Responded: Wednesday, 17 June 2009
Well Done Nadine. I admire your honesty and your sense of right and wrong so much, not to mention your courage in not being intimidated by this smug, self-seeking, pedantic speaking, snob. I hate the way he trys to ridicule people who disagree with him or shut down the debate, by making out only his view could possibly be right, examples; you would have to be an idiot/fool/out of touch/out of date/nutter etc not to agree with me. It is a very basic bullying technique, that shuts up the more weak and feeble opposition immediately. But you are strong enough to stand your ground. I am trying to believe in human commonsense; that this fellow could not possibly become the next speaker. Surely there are enough decent and wise Labour MPs left who won't allow Gordon Brown's spite towards David Cameron to influence their decision in choosing the best person to restore the publics confidence in Parliament? Or am I just a dreamer? The people of this nation will never forgive labour MPs if they vote for John Bercow on masse. It will prove they have learnt absolutely nothing from recent events and they will pay the price on masse at the next General Election. The public are watching this vote very closely.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 18 June 2009
The problem is that your saying this will make it more likely that the pro-choice sistas will vote for JB. If only to spite you. I hope you don't find it presumptuous of me to suggest a formula for tackling these interventions from a sedentary position: 'My Hon. Friend the Member for Buckingham has intervened from a sedentary position. May I suggest that if My Hon. Friend is so worried by the form of what I say, he should obtain a Hansard copy with which he could liberally use a red marker pen at his own leisure. I am sure it would make him happy.'
Whiffler said:
Responded: Thursday, 18 June 2009
"I sat behind his left shoulder today". Right just a touc, Nadine. Sharpen that knife, and stand by.
Ian said:
Responded: Thursday, 18 June 2009
The labour lot just don't get it do they! What Parliament needs desperately is a respected, unifying, impartial figure with experience and gravitas to restore confidence in the great office of state that the Speaker represents after the Martin debacle. Bercow is none of these things and the public will just not put up with a small scheming greaser who wants to have his cake and eat it. If he hasn't got the guts to cross the floor - and all the MP's know it - how the hell is he going to keep them in order and gain their respect. Sometimes I despair of the self-serving mentality that still, despite everything that's happened in the last few weeks, permeates the thought processes of some members. Surely it's got to be Alan Beith or George Young now that Frank Field has withdrawn. As a last resort Anne W would, I'm sure, keep everyone in order.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 18 June 2009
There's a rumour that the Scottish papers have a photo of Bercow with Limbs in the Loch murderer William Beggs at a student meeting in the '80s. No crude jokes about him always being pro-death please!
Tony said:
Responded: Thursday, 18 June 2009
My money is on Sir George Young to be the next Speaker and those sentiments are almost echoed in With less than four days to go before the summer’s big political betting event is resolved - the battle for the Speakership of the house of commons - I’m becoming increasingly convinced that this is now a contest between Sir George Young and Margaret Beckett Not very long to go now and rest assured you will be seated behind John Bercow's left shoulder for some time.
GIN said:
Responded: Friday, 19 June 2009
I was watching this on TV. The way you sat behind Bercow, daggers drawn, was extremely entertaining. I think John Bercow is well out of his depth having you as an enemy. :D
Simon said:
Responded: Saturday, 20 June 2009
What will this Government’s legacy be? Will they burst the ball because they are losing the match? Have they learnt anything from the last few scandalous weeks? The next speaker must be ‘whiter than white’ in their expense claims record and have the trust of all MPs and the general public; which suggest Anne Widdicombe may come up on the rails with a storming finish to win by half a length over Margaret Beckett in second and Sir George Young a further length behind. in third. Pulled up John Bercow and non runner Frank Field. Sorry to repeat this comment but it applies to this posting as well.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Saturday, 20 June 2009
It's got to be Anne Widdecombe, nothing less will do. She has the intelligence, honesty, sense of humour and values this position has been lacking for so long.
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