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Posted Friday, 5 June 2009 at 23:29


The BBC has taken my breath away. Whilst David Cameron was being interviewed earlier, I wondered to myself how it was he was managing to keep a straight face, and then he lost it, and started to laugh.


The interviewer had asked him how he felt about securing only 38% of the vote, and suggested we weren’t doing very well. We had won Lancashire, Devon, Somerset and Derbyshire, a council we haven’t held for three decades and for the first time in Labour’s history, we took Nottinghamshire. We have all but wiped Labour out.


After the interview, the BBC cut from David Cameron to Nick Clegg in Bristol. It’s a good job the Lib Dems won one council otherwise they may have had to resort to sending him to one of the councils he had lost for a photo opportunity.


The BBC web page featured the photo of Nick Clegg, in his one won council, and barely mentioned the catastrophic night the Lib Dm’s had suffered elsewhere. Not a mention of Devon and Cornwall slipping through Lib Dem fingers, like the quick silver sand from a Cornish beach.


If it was wipe out for Labour it was meltdown for the Lib Dems. And do the BBC report this? Not a bit of it. In fact it was entertaining to flick from Sky to the BBC; you would have thought you were watching the results come in from two different elections.


The BBC needs reform as badly as Parliament. This outright, overt bias cannot continue. The public purse pays for the BBC. The public voted Conservative. Who did the interviewer who questioned David Cameron think he was speaking on behalf of today?


I’m off to Liverpool in the morning to speak at a conference  on behalf of Conservative Christian Fellowship


My problem now is logistics. I need to get from the constituency to Liverpool, back to the constituency, pick up my car and then be at a friend’s house in the Cotswolds for supper on Saturday night. I don’t think I’m speaking at the conference until three.


I’m not sure how I am going to manage this, but I willJ

Grumpy Old Man said:
Responded: Friday, 5 June 2009
M1 -M6 M6 toll, follow your nose to Liverpool. Back home. Nominate a daughter to drive to friends, stay o/n with friends. Daughter picks you up after B'fast next day. you just need a man to organise you :)
Charming Young Man said:
Responded: Friday, 5 June 2009
To the back of the Q grumpy old man. :)
Single hunk said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
Nadine, No worries, I'll take you ! What time shall I pick you up?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
It would seem that the Telegraph share the BBC's slant...are they biased too?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
You don't have to be at your friends house. It's tough being an MP, you make your choice.
Twotrees said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
The BBC lost its reputation for impartiality years ago. Its political presenters, especially the senior ones, tend to be aggressive, arrogant, self-opinonated and biased. Perhaps you will be able to do something about it - like cut off its grotesque supply of unaccounted money - when Mr Brown has departed.
Stuart said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
"The BBC web page ... barely mentioned the catastrophic night the Lib Dm’s [sic] had suffered elsewhere. Not a mention of Devon and Cornwall slipping through Lib Dem fingers..." Except these articles, you mean: "The public purse pays for the BBC. The public voted Conservative. Who did the interviewer who questioned David Cameron think he was speaking on behalf of today?" Are you trying to say that the BBC did not report that Conservatives were winning lots of seats across the country? Except for this, of course: "The BBC needs reform ... This outright, overt bias cannot continue." You do know that being impartial doesn't just mean supporting whichever "side" (in any debate) the consumer happens to agree with? I suppose you think that certain newspapers which are more sympathetic to the Conservatives than others are impartial (and in no way biased) because they support your personal point of view?
James said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
Talking of 'take my breath away' why don't you give Gaz a ring. With any luck he will get you there before you've started out in the car :-)
Richard said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
I was disgusted with the BBC yesterday. We are all aware that they have an innate left-wing bias, but to watch them sacrifice their journalistic integrity by shamelessly and deliberately distorting the facts was appalling. When the Conservatives return to Westminster with a thumping majority (which on the basis of yesterday's breathtaking results they surely will), they must do something about the BBC. I hope you enjoy your busy weekend, Nadine!
Ian said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
Perhaps you need a chopper?
Nigel Allery said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
I watched most of the BBC coverage on Friday. Problem was that Labour people were few on the ground so could not take a grilling. Chris Hune did get a thumping off Dimbleby. New Con CC Leaders got good airing. Including a good spat with Chris H. BBC clearly made an effort to follow DC to West Country and Preston to show his victorious entrances. If you saw Nick Robinson's questioning of Mandleson, or Brown then there is no way that you could accuse BBC of bias. The coverage was constantly referring to the national share of the vote, to draw comparisons to the last local elections, and by any measure the Cons did worst. Lab down 1%, Cons down 6%, Libs up. David C - what's the plan to recover this. Pickles got a very good airing to explain that Con had gone for the key seats, where the measure of success was not vote share (People population density less) but the seat itself and that the party had concentrated resources there. Logical. David Vine did some good analysis showing that Cons were down possibly as a protest vote over expenses, illustrating how in Kirkbride's constituency there was major variance to the national picture, saying this was the Con's problem, but that where it counted, where councils were to be one, the Con vote held up. On Newsnight Kirsty Wark in convo with Peter Hain came as close as possible to calling the PM a liar over the Darling issue. Peter got no welcome back love-in! This morning Spellman got a good airing to explain the success. Labours situation was described I think as disastrous. Susan Reid made the point over the 6% problem and allowed CS to cover it well. (Good to get a female politician on the support the Flint argument with Brown) Nadine, it was a good day for Con and the BBC in my view. Don't attack them publicly as I think the public trust them more than Con politicians at the moment. Get down to BBC 3 Counties and keep them on board!!! By the way, with your recent Hawk sortie, which dept do you want in 2010? Defence?
Cotswold friend said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
Hi Nadine This is your friend in the Cotswolds. Don't worry about what time you get here, I'm cooking Delia's Chicken Basque (the Spanish region, not the underwear variety!) which will keep till you get here. Drive carefully! x
Francis Purdue-Horan said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
Wrong Nigel Allery. The Conservatives received 31% in the like-for-like local Authority elections in 2005 and 38% this year, a substantial improvement of 7%. The Conservative Party was the only one of the big three parties to actually gain seats and Councils on Thursday, certainly not a failure by any measure. The BBC and others are wrong to compare Thursdays local elections with those held in 2008, it's lazy reporting at best. Although the current expenses scandals and an extremely unpopular Labour Gov't have undoubtedly influenced voting behaviour, minority parties and Independents have only achieved around 11% combined, despite all the hype prior to last Thursday.
Deborah said:
Responded: Saturday, 6 June 2009
I saw that interview from Preston when, faced with such ludicrous questions, David Cameron simply couldn't keep a straight face. In response the BBC presenters pulled a huffy face and couldn't move on quick enough. Classic - it kept me smiling for ages afterwards. Shame it's not on youtube. The BBC needs an enormous shake-up - I trust they'll get it.
Roger Stokes said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 June 2009
Did you make it ?
ProleSays said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 June 2009
Nadine I rarely agree with you but you're absolutely right on this. The BBC's coverage for a long time has been so blatantly biased that someone must do something about it. Yesterday I watched Nick Robinson telling us that there was "good news" for labour - things weren't as bad as they could be and Gordon had clung on - so that was "good". The tories hadn't done as well as they wanted to and so they would be disappointed. Later, another commentator told us that unemployment figures of 9.4%, rising to 10% was "good news" because it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The BBC is a complete disgrace and requires a root and branch overhaul. Over 3 billioin a year we pay for this. Enough is enough.
John Wood said:
Responded: Sunday, 7 June 2009
Freudian slip by Mandelson on the Andrew Marr Show "The cabinet is united against Brown"
The BBC suck! said:
Responded: Monday, 8 June 2009
The BBC are the scum of the earth - their bias is completely overt at the moment. Perhaps even the passionless Conservatives might harness the enthusiasm and professionalism to deal with this bent institution once they're in power? I really hope so. I for one will be a vocal terrier snapping at the heels of the lazy Tories until they get on with it.
Whiffler said:
Responded: Monday, 8 June 2009
I, too, found the usual BBC bias in the reporting. Remember the last round where they said Cameron & the Tories would have failed if they didn't gain 400 council seats?. It all went quiet when they were belting towards 350 and nowhere did they get a mention of the 800+. No - hang about - it wasn't reporting. There were summaries, projections, speculation, rumination - but precious little news. Whoever has been running recent BBC election coverage (be it web, radio, TV, elction specials) should be kicked out.
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