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Three into Two: Part Two
Posted Thursday, 4 June 2009 at 17:18

I am dictating this as I am still en-route to various polling stations; however, just stopped off to meet the campaigners who wish to retain the middle schools in my patch.

I have told them my position is clear:

I want to see a full and informative debate between parents, local authorities, Government, teachers and governors; that the facts and statistics used to inform the debate should be fair and factual; and that the consultation should involve detailed presentations to parents, at each and every school, from a variety of sources.

Once all the information is out in the open and free discussion and debate has taken place, the decision should be put to the vote.

A fair vote for both parents and teachers. A referendum on the education provided in Bedfordshire. After all, it’s their children and jobs, so they should decide.


Sandra Davis said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 June 2009
Bang on the money. I dont know where I stand, however, I do know that I want to have information and not propoganda.
TC said:
Responded: Thursday, 4 June 2009
I support the view that there should be an informed debate. The situation is different from a few years ago, particularly the changed unitary authorities. My biggest concern last time was the disruption caused to kids during the transition. All the officers, teachers, governors, politicians sitting around talking about these changes distracts them from the fundamental improvement of children’s education in the current system. If all that effort was put into the ‘problem’ schools today, then there could be a massive improvement in educational standards, this is all irrelevant to school structures. When will the debate start?
Tony Dadd said:
Responded: Friday, 5 June 2009
Nadine, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. As you know, I'm not a typical Tory, but Alistair has won me round by being a conscientious constituency MP and if I were in your constituency, I would almost certainly vote for you now. Strong stuff from an ex-Young Socialist who grew up in Thatcher's Britain ! If anyone would like to hear our views / be entertained / hear about what is happening in Bedford Borough, then our blog is at - or google save middle schools and it should be no.1 hit. Rumour has it that Central Beds is next. We'll be there to support the three-tier campaign when it starts. Tony (great photo!)
gail maddix said:
Responded: Tuesday, 16 June 2009
Please can the parents vote in this 2/3 tier campaign? its our kids lives and we vote for/against you guys to enhance our lives,so,wheres the difference? after a meeting tonight at Goldington Middle School,about our jobs and future,there was just a feeling of utter frustration.We were left no closer to any answers than when we arrived.THE KIDS IN MY SCHOOL ARE FEELING CONFUSED AND WORRIED,SAME FOR THE TEACHERS!JUST LEAVE US ALONE TO DO WHAT WE DO BEST,GIVE US THE MONEY WE SO DESPARATELY NEED AND WE WILL NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN DOWN.
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