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Posted Sunday, 31 May 2009 at 14:01


The front page of the Beds On Sunday has the headline ‘MP hopeful admits “I did not fight in armed combat in Iraq


I have said all I want to in the article.

Matt said:
Responded: Sunday, 31 May 2009
Well, that's the Labour opponent taken out. I suppose an old rocker will gbe a piece of cake now then.
James said:
Responded: Sunday, 31 May 2009
At least he did the honourable thing and quickly admitted his misjudgement. A rare thing in a Labour politician these days.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Sunday, 31 May 2009
Good response Nadine. Now is not the time to guild the truth abouth anything if you wnat to work in politics.
Grumpy Old Man said:
Responded: Sunday, 31 May 2009
So, Mr. Reeves served, not fought, in Iraq. I have always maintained that patriotism is not a Labour core value, but in one instance I've been wrong. Mr. Reeves recognition of his moral obligation to serve in Labour's War on two fronts does him great credit. Mr. Reeves would have seen at first hand the carnage wrought by the criminal underfunding of our troops due to the party-political conflict between Blair and Brown. He knows where the blame for too many dead and crippled young men and women should lie. The fact that he has decided to stand as a Labour candidate in the face of his experiences suggests that he is severely lacking in judgement.
Edith said:
Responded: Sunday, 31 May 2009
It is a shame he did this. I am sure you knew as I did Nadine, that he probably served. His crime was to try and milk votes and public recognition for something he didn't quite do. The tone of his leter in last weeks paper was awful. He needs to adopt a little of your maturity. Your response was excellent.
Sean said:
Responded: Sunday, 31 May 2009
If you actually read the article, he said that he fought for democracy, not that he was involved in fighting. It's no different to you "defending the right of Aspley Guise to exist". How did you defend the right of Aspley Guise? With a gun? No, you just used the word "defend" to make the article more interesting.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Monday, 1 June 2009
Sean, "defending the right" is a well known and well used turn of phrase - it has been in common use for, probably, centuries. You are simply trying to deflect from the point at hand. Here's a quote from Labour MP Jon Cruddas (Dagenham) "Isn't it a shame that we had to rely on a right-wing Tory to defend our rights?" - it's OK for Labour to use the term, but not a Tory - is that what you're saying? The whole story, along with the pic of him holding an SA80 (even though 99% would not realise that there is no magazine in the gun), was designed to deceive. The picture gives the impression of a fighting soldier (which is exactly what it was designed to do - assault rifle, flak jacket, etc.), when he was, in fact, somewhere between the catering corps and the real "sharp end". Don't get me wrong, they all do a fantastic job under difficult circumstances (made worse by a totally useless Govt). I find it distasteful that he should attempt to give the impression of being something that he is not - ah, sorry, I was forgetting, he's Labour, so that's what's expected of him.
Carl Cross said:
Responded: Monday, 1 June 2009
Spot on Anonymous (above). As I said in an earlier post, this guy talked of "fighting for democracy" in the context of being "a soldier in Iraq". The inference was clear and distasteful in the extreme. Ironically if he'd simply used the word "served" he would have done himself more justice. He did "serve" and credit to him. To overstate what he did though is deeply unpleasant. Not semantics but a critical point.
Sim-O said:
Responded: Monday, 1 June 2009
Then paper took most of the comments from your post All's Fair in Love and Politics, the original wording, though.
Martin said:
Responded: Tuesday, 2 June 2009
I totally agree with your comment "......... In the battlefield of politics, it is important to be both honest and precise." Is this a new manifesto pledge? Love the sycophantic comments you publish btw. Keep em comin'.
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