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Posted Wednesday, 20 May 2009 at 17:36




I met Esther Rantzen when I took part in Question Time in Birkenhead. She had just left the jungle. It appears that she may miss it as she wants to jump back into another.
Not being familiar with the lovey dovey actorish world, I made a huge faux pas with Esther.
My first mistake was to assume that she was as nice a person in real life as she appeared to be on the telly.
Sitting in the make-up chair, having arrived early, she burst into the make-up room, having arrived late (actorish trait No1).

She stood menacingly next to the chair, almost demanding to be made up. I was on the verge of ripping off the gown and hot footing it out of the chair; however, the firm but gentle hand of the make-up lady pushed me back down as she sweetly told Esther to take a chair, and wait her turn. She then whispered in my ear, she's a pro, don’t let her bully you. (Actorish trait No2, the star of the show gets her make-up done first and is almost always a bully).

Esther obviously thought she was the star.
Her grasp of issues was scant; however, she had obviously decided that a good way to get a cheer was to use every question as an opportunity to attack MPs. (Actorish trait No3 they blag it well).

I almost let her have it on the show when she made a huge mistake, and then looked confused. She spoke about an issue and then said, “like here in Liverpool”. David Dimbleby made a very cutting comment as she was obviously looking at the crowd waiting for the applause that never came. I wanted to say, “we aren’t in Liverpool Esther, it’s Birkenhead”, a big deal if you live on either side of the Mersey. I thought better of it and didn’t.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I am afraid that Esther’s bid at politics is a rather transparent attempt to eject herself into the public eye once again, and probably to get some work on the back of it.

Jeremy Brier the Conservative candidate has been working his backside off to unseat the highly unpopular Margaret Moran; and given the feed back on the street, he could well have done it.

Esther’s arrival on the scene will split the vote and guarantee Margaret Moran a return back to Westminster.
Listen to Jeremy’s explanation of this on the Victoria Derbyshire show.
Esther's answer on Newsnight when asked if she was going to stand was: “It depends on whether the people of Luton want me?”

No Esther, that’s what the people decide at a General Election you have to decide whether you are going to stand.
Politics isn’t showbiz, it’s life; and if Esther thought the celebrity jungle was tough, she ain't seen nothing yet.

mark said:
Responded: Wednesday, 20 May 2009
The good thing is that most of the public will see through her, though that does not help the Conservative candidate where every vote matters. I remember seeing Esther on question time, and thinking that every answer she gave was attgempting to appeal to the audience, almost like an entertainer would, rather than sticking to her opinions regardless of the reaction. Not a fan, and glad to hear that she is as I thought. In the bear pit of politics, she would likley wither and become anonymous. I cannot imagine that would be acceptable...
Silent Hunter said:
Responded: Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Oooo! - Meow!
raptor said:
Responded: Wednesday, 20 May 2009
I'm sure I heard Nick robinson say today on the Daily Politics show that if Moran is desel ected Esther Rantzen would move on to a neighbouring Bedfordshire seat. Watch out!
Old Soldier said:
Responded: Wednesday, 20 May 2009
I saw Esther Rantsen on the Big Question some weeks ago and thought she was utterly pathetic. She said that even though she was Jewish, as am I, she would ban all religion. She pandered outragiously to the audience and said nothing of substance. I think she would do well in a safe Labour seat instead of one where the electorate have half a brain.
Dave said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 May 2009
Firstly, if I were a 68 year old appearing on TV with a gorgeous youthful looking 53 year old,I would demand and need every minute possible in make up to hide the wrinkles and blemishes. But in reality Lutonians are not going to remember Rantzen for acting like a primadonna in a make up room. They are going to remember her as a people's champion for her involvement in consumer affairs,That's Life, Jobsworth,Ben Hardwick,Childline and TV progs such as Hearts of Gold.Her wealth will give the impression that she will not abuse claims for expenses if elected. I remember the post you did on 'Brick in the wall' and I would equate that wall to the Thames Barrier with politicians not realizing there is a public Tsunami building up and about to engulf the barrier and wash out Parliament and all your good works.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 May 2009
My mate is one half of a certain Geordie comedic double act who had the pleasure of working with Ms R in a certain country in the southern hemisphere. He once described her to me as being 'a right pain in the a**e'!
Nathan, London said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 May 2009
Asked about her qualifications to be an MP, Esther Rantsen replied that she had 'always been interested in politics'. So what? If that was the only requirement then most people would qualify. It takes more than a mere interest in politics to sit in Parliament. The last thing that the House of Commons needs is a former celebrity cashing in on the current public dissatisfaction with politics. The people of Luton South deserve better than this. If she truly hasn't yet made up her mind, I hope that she decides not to run.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 May 2009
It ill behoves you to use your public profile and the medium of your website to attack a member of the public. did this not occur to you?
Caroline said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 May 2009
Excellent point, well made. (Enough said) :)
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 21 May 2009
Esther is an annoying bint, I wonder if she'll wear white on the campaign trail?
Therese said:
Responded: Friday, 22 May 2009
Hi Nadine, I presume you mean Nigel Huddleston has been working his but off as he is fighting Luton South and Jeremy is fighting Luton North.
BlueArsedFly said:
Responded: Wednesday, 27 May 2009
And we all know what happened to the last "Thats Life" presenter to stand for parliament. Turncoat Shaun Woodward - he of dripping wealth. Some of the current HofC Class of 2009 aren't too hot on matters of presentation (or accountancy), but I can't think of anything worse than a country run by the mediacracy - all in their whiter-than-whiter coats.
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