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Posted Monday, 18 May 2009 at 16:44

Nadine has landed safely and enjoyed it immensely (if a little shaken)!!

witteringsfromwitney said:
Responded: Monday, 18 May 2009
You must be ma'am - there is no 'e' in the word 'shaky'! So what did RAF Boscombe Down do to you up in the air? Do tell!
witteringsfromwitney said:
Responded: Monday, 18 May 2009
Nadine - thats cheating changing shakey to shaken - but your excused! so its true then - blondes do have the most fun?
Paul Pinfield said:
Responded: Monday, 18 May 2009
Hi Nadine I have read your blog with interest over the last couple months. I found you via Mrs Dale, Guido and your abortion legislation argument. I have been particularly struck by your grace under fire from the Telegraph. At the next GE, my local Tory candidate in Worksop will have chance against, John Mann, but I will vote Tory because of you. Regards Paul
a jealous muggins said:
Responded: Monday, 18 May 2009
You lucky lady. A couple of bunts would have sorted out the biscuits!Then anything but straight and level would have made the pilot's day - no I am not being rude. You lucky lady. Good job you did not ask about their Mil 17s.
John Ward said:
Responded: Tuesday, 19 May 2009
"Your excused", witterings? :-) I am sure the lady is "shaken but not stirred"(!) I went up in a small aircraft a few years ago, from a grass runway and into a certain amount of (unexpected) turbulence. It was a worrying time. I coped, but it wasn't as enjoyable as I had hoped…
John Ward said:
Responded: Tuesday, 19 May 2009
I agree with Paul Pinfield, and I also fully appreciate what Dizzy has written about you. Just so you know…
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