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Contact with the enemy is certain...
Posted Saturday, 16 May 2009 at 22:28


The Classical Brits was more amazing than I can say.

I sat next to Fergal Sharkey, remember him? He's now the CEO of UK Music and spending some of his time working with councils to open music and recording studios for kids who have a passion for music and who want to get into the industry but are trapped within the prison of poverty and seemingly un-attainable aspiration.

The photo is of Fergal and I and, at our feet paying homage to Fergal and my new shoes is John Wittingdale MP, Chairman of the Culture media and Sport Select Committee.

How can I explain what its like to be sat only feet from Placido Domingo and Katherine Jenkins as they sing the wonderful duet, A Mother's Wonderment?

Jose Carreras, Jonas Kaufmann, Alison Balsom, The Priests, Faryl Smith, they were all there.

The high spot of the night was something a bit special.

A distant memory from my childhood is of my Nana playing a Liberace LP and a particular tune.

Last night I watched Lang Lang and Herbie Hancock play Rhapsody In Blue on back to back pianos. It was incredible, I'm at a loss for words to describe how wonderful it was, and suffused with nostalgia. Whist watching in both awe and rapture, my memory brought a little extra to the performance. The smell of a Battenberg Cake.

Iain ,despite being slightly in awe of Jonathan Ansell who was also on our table, behaved himself. Well that was until I told Jonathan that Iain had all his 'records' (Iain's words, not mine) and could Iain have his photo taken with him?

Iain went all flirty and silly at this point. Can't imagine why.

Jonathan had been nominated for the album of the year award which was won by the Scots Dragoon Guards.

A young Sergeant, a drummer and a piper came onto the stage and played the spine tingling Amazing Grace.

 When they finished the young Sergeant began his speech of thanks.

Rather than the usual list of people to thank, he chose to spend his moment on the stage encapsulating in just a few words the importance of public support for all our serving personnel.

He spoke of the message they receive when serving abroad just before leaving the base on an assignment.

The message may say 'contact with the enemy un-likely' or 'probable'. However the dreaded message is 'contact with the enemy is certain'

He then told us what it is that makes it possible for a soldier to carry on when he has received that message.

"It’s not the training or professionalism, or commitment. It’s knowing that they have the support of the people back at home, willing them on and supporting them."

Amongst all the glitter and glitz of the evening what none of us sat there knew was that at that moment a young man, having possibly received that message and having lost his life in combat, was being flown back to RAF Lynham and to people waiting at the gates to bring him home.


I had a lovely night out, rapidly followed by 24 hideous hours. It was only tonight whilst thinking on all the good wishes I have been sent from people today and all of the support that I have had from friends and neighbours, my local party and association, my Chairman, staff and colleagues, that I realised what I have had to put up with is as nothing to what those boys do week after week after week.


I suppose in my job contact with the enemy is certain on a daily basis, but at least, armed with just the facts, I live to fight another day.


Blogging on upcoming trip to RAF Boscombe Down tomorrow.


Jonathan Ansell, moi, and a dippy Iain :)


Mark said:
Responded: Sunday, 17 May 2009
Nadine Please accept my apologies for this mini-hijacking of your comments, but it's for a good cause.... HELP FOR HEROES - BAND OF BROTHERS BIKE RIDE In a week's time, 300 of us will set off from Portsmouth to cycle through the Normandy battlefields, and into Paris, to commemorate the Allies’ liberation of Europe 65 years ago. With us will be teams from our Allies of today, wounded servicemen from America, Canada and France as well as our own from Headley Court. The ride will be a challenge, France is not flat, for some (me) it will be life changing but for all it will certainly be one of the most worthwhile things we have ever done. I will ride alongside brave men and women whose lives have also changed forever through their injuries and I will have the satisfaction of knowing that you (with your donations) and I (with a sore backside and very tired legs) will be helping to raise money for them and hundreds like them. If anyone would like to make a contribution to the fundraising, please visit where you can donate online. If you'd like more info about the ride, or Help for Heroes, please visit Thanks Mark
Anonymous said:
Responded: Sunday, 17 May 2009
You are a very beautiful woman Nadine!
Jean Sampson said:
Responded: Monday, 18 May 2009
Nadine, I tried a few times to leave a comment on the Daily Mail site and posted it, yet each time later it clearly states that so far no comments have been made. I stated that although I am apolitical I greatly appreciated the speed with which you responded to any correspondence I sent to you, and the help and advice you have given me, and the fact I saw you in The House defending with great passion the need for extra finance for Luton Town FC, and on the march up the A428 re the Eco town. You are a Far far better MP than a previous Conservative representing Barton years back namely John Carlisle. You do a good job Nadine and I am thankful for that.
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