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Posted Thursday, 14 May 2009 at 12:45

Within what or where you may ask? I’m not sure, but maybe this is what Hell feels like. It is so, so, awful, so depressing, so shocking. I just want to put my head under a duvet and come out when it’s all over.

I have my accounts ready to be examined by the scrutiny committee David has set up. I can’t wait. I have felt sick in the pit of my stomach for days.

I am watching people, that I have come to respect and like over the years, on the edge of tears and distraught; and there is nothing I can do to help.

I thought that the whole business of Sky flying over Stewart Jackson’s house (MP for Peterborough) was really awful.

Of course, what the paper didn’t say was that the house is an absolutely normal three bed detached house in an urban road that just happened to have a big garden, which obviously prompted the previous owners to install a swimming pool. The paper also didn’t mention that the house has been used for ten different community fundraising activities, including the local children's hospice; or that when the swimming pool cover is taken off, Stewart invited the local children and neighbours to use it.

They didn’t mention how Stewart spent ten years fighting to win the Peterborough seat, working part time and renting one room in a house. His daughter slept in a Moses basket on the floor. Or how much money both he and his wife raise for local charities.

One after another, people I know to be compassionate and hard working are falling like flies. I should have been on a visit to the National Grid with Elliott Morley this morning.

I will not judge or condemn: each person will have to face their own demons, family and constituents. I am thankful for the committee that David has set up. It represents the equivalent of an audit and I will be so relieved to be given 'officially’ a bill of clean health. I feel as though my word is no longer enough. I hope Sir Christopher Kelly takes note and recommends a yearly expenses audit, as a key part of whatever process he proposes in his report. And to anyone who wonders why I didn't speak out about flipping etc, I had no idea!! It never crossed my mind that such a thing was possible; and if you had told me people were doing it, I would have had trouble believing you.

The damage which has been caused to Parliament is immense. If the BNP come out of the local or European elections a happy party, it will be a desperately bad day for democracy.

Today is the first day that if someone asked me what I did for a living, I would be ashamed to say that I was an MP. That’s a big deal for me. It feels as though a baying mob is out there ready to tear us apart: guilty or not.

On a lighter note, I'm off to the Classical Brits tonight. I am taking Iain Dale   with me. I'm not sure what Iain thinks of classical music. When chatting to him just now you would have thought he was being taken to the dentist!

We had a lovely letter in the constituency office today. It was a donation of £100 for our fighting fund. I don’t know who the donor is as I have an arrangement with the office that I don’t think I should and therefore they don’t tell me and I don’t ask however, this particular donor sent me a personal message. He asked the office to tell me to take a fiver out of the £100 and buy some chocolate biscuits!

I also know that he reads the blog. Thank you so much. You made me smile this morning, which takes some doing at the moment, believe me.

We had a very important debate  yesterday. I will blog a simpler description of the case soon.




Donna said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Nadine - I am a single mother; a civil servant - and I rejoined the Conservatives 6 months ago after a break of many years. I'm the kind of person you need on side. I know my income/pension etc is likely to take a hit after the next election but I think some things are more important than immediate personal gain. I want a country fit for my sons to live in - and at the moment all I am telling them is as soon as they have qualified, to emigrate because this country has nothing to offer them. Then I hear about MPs - on all sides of the House with far more money that I could ever dream of - fraudulently claiming expenses - stealing from people like me - because they believe their income is too low and they are entitled to more. It's not good enough. Saying sorry isn't good enough. Resignations, sackings, and where appropriate, prosecutions are. I'm sorry if people you admired have turned out to be less admirable than you thought - but don't expect us to feel sorry for them - or you. They did this. Not us. As for the BNP - I don't support them and never will. But they are a legal Political Party and they are speaking for a significant proportion of the country that feels (with justification) that no-one is listening or standing up for them. This is mainly the fault of Labour - who deserted their core vote a long time ago- but all the mainstream Political Parties are to blame for their increase in support by refusing to address or listen to their grievances. Either make the BNP illegal - or put up with the fact that they have attracted support because the other parties failed. The only way you will fight the BNP is to put your (and my) Party in order - and win the arguments.
In Christian love said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Chin up duck. You are right not to condem, Jesus would approve.
witteringsfromwitney said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Nadine, if I may so bold as to address you as such, a number of points. It is indeed sad that the actions of some have tainted all, yet this is unavoidable. As long as MPs do not acknowledge the moral and principle aspects of being able to be addressed as Honourable and Rt. Honourable, it will continue. I have met Andrew MacKay, he was my MP when I lived in Sandhurst, I have been on 'walkabout' with him and he helped me personally with a problem concerning the care my mother received in Reading hospital, so I know first hand he was a good constituency MP. However part of the problem is that whilst I admire his apology and prompt resignation, the old excuse came out that it had been cleared by the Fees Office not good enough I'm afraid. He is an intelligent man and MUST have known that his arrangements were no 'pukka'. Therein lies the problem, or part of the problem. One can appreciate your concern and 'nervousness' whilst you await 'clearance' of your expenses and feel sure you will have 'done nothing wrong' as you strike me a 'lady of principle'. On the point of your word no longer being sufficient - again unfortunately this state of affairs is a natural result of the problem in general - sad I know and I would feel as you do obviously. Those comments apply also the case of Stewart Jackson too. Enjoy the Classical Brits - your a lucky girl! Next time you are looking for a guest.......(ahem)- oh and I'm older than Iain Dale!
Keith said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
First off, let me say that some three weeks ago I joined the Conservative Party. Secondly I've made some harsh comments about your colleagues..and will continue to do so. You say it will be a bad day for democracy if the BNP comes out the Euro elections feeling happy. What? This is what democracy is about. You may not like them and nor may I but it's democracy working at full blast. If they come out happy then ask yourself the question, 'Why'?
Mike H said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
The link to your Westminster Hall debate doesn't work, but I found it here:- Blimey! I look forward to reading the 'simplified' version in your forthcoming blog post. Einstein's General Relativity is easier to understand than the original. It is, though, a good example of how MPs really earn their pennies. :-)
Anonymous said:
Responded: Friday, 15 May 2009
But if you've not done anything wrong, what are you so worried about? And why are your colleagues distraught? Surely that can only be because their greed and dishonesty has been publicly revealed. Sorry to be blunt but I have no sympathy.
Caroline Jones said:
Responded: Saturday, 16 May 2009
Nadine, these people are your colleagues, so you are bound to feel for them. We, however, just see a bunch of people who were comfortable helping themselves to public money. It is noticable how many are prepared to abdicate responsibility and blame the fees office. From what I have seen, on some occasions when the fees office has challenged MPs, the MP concerned has attempted to bully the FO into compliance. We really need to believe there is something better after all the years of New Labour destruction. The more serious offenders need to be suspended/desel ected to show the next government is not tainted by this sorry affair.
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