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Urgent letter..
Posted Wednesday, 13 May 2009 at 15:19

Every MP has been issued with a letter from Andrew Walker, Director General of Resources.


As I blogged only the other day, it confirmed my worst fears. The letter states that the person or persons who sold the disc to the Telegraph for a reported £200,000 may still have it and re sell for further gain.


The letter also states that almost every personal detail relevant to me, including the bank account details of my staff was included on the disc have been sold, and may be again.


We have been given the number of someone who can provide help re financial security but basically, it means all change.


After late votes last night, on my way home, a lady walked up to me and shouted whilst jabbing her finger at me “you are disgusting”.  I felt very scared and vulnerable. She had obviously been drinking. I understand the public concern and anger, however, I am afraid that too many people are too keen to see bad behaviour where there isn’t any and have almost whipped up the public anxiety.


It’s time for a little calm I think and well done to Anne Widdecombe, on the Today programme this morning. She was absolutely bang on with a big dollop of common sense.

Richard Abbot said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
The root of this anger lies with the inability of the opposition to hold the government in check over 12 long years. Only recently has this changed. I look forward to your robustness in government Nadine, but the Tories have let Labour get away with, literally, murder.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
You should have just felt ashamed.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
I think you are missing the point here. There is a legitimate public grievance. You and your colleagues are all now tarred with the same brush. Direct your irritation about this specifically to those colleagues who abused the system and let you, the honest ones, down. Perhaps you would also advise how you voted on the various transparency votes. Secondly, you mention Anne [sic] Widdecombe whose retiral this year will be a great loss to the House in my view. Even she had little to say of substance about this. In complaining about necessity for proximate flats, hours, tavel, time etc you all seem to forget that you chose this job and no one forced you to apply for it. Probably there will be less demand for the role going forward as it will be seen as a curious thing to have on a cv. Thirdly, as regards security details, I do not think you will find much traction on this issue, perhaps because loss of data by imcompetent officials and commensurate concern about who owns it are commonplace worries to us nowadays.
Tony said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Surely the Daily Telegraph would have to disclose the identity of the person/persons to whom £200,000 was paid???
Ron Hughes said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Surely you haven't given ALL your financial & personal details to a 3rd Party (the Fees Office)? Perhaps politicians will now realise how concerned the general public are at the ever-increasing rate at which government is trying to accumulate 'our' details.
Ron Hughes said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Off topic but relevant to a Blog inviting a Comment, are you aware that the comments box displays only 20 x characters x 2 lines? It is challenging to compose a coherent response with so little info. on view.
Keith said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
What I find galling, Nadine, is that you and your colleagues still don't get it. Claims may have been withing the rules; they may have been with in the spirit of the rules bu they were WRONG. You know it, I know it and so does every citizen of this country. You wonder why there is palpable anger in the country at your antics. It's because they are regarded as thieving and profiteering.
Simon said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
I didn't hear much objection from the Tories when the Inland Revenue bought a stolen disk full of private bank account data from a criminal ex employee of a Liechtenstein bank for £100,000 of our money. These were details of people suspected of tax avoidance which is very different to actual tax evasion as practised by MP's who are now paying the money back (and, one assumes, admitting guilt by doing so). The moral being not to do something to others then start whingeing when you get a taste of your own medicine.
brishank said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
Apparently the biggest revelations yet are going to come tomorrow in the Telegraph. If they are more scandalous than previous days will you still be calling for Joe Public to "calm down"?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Wednesday, 13 May 2009
The pooint is that Nadine isn't standing up for the troughers, but for the honest MPs who are probably just as angry as we are that people are abusing the system. Yes, there is a legitimate grievance against people who have been troughing, but not against every MP, the majority of whom are honest.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
I'm likewise confused on the matter of bank account details. When I write a cheque, or complete a Direct Debit mandate, I am disclosing my Bank, branch address, sort code, account name and account number. Short of providing my current balance, what else is there to know?
Deborah said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
The honest MPs may be angry now - but why didn't they speak up before? They may not have known the details of others' claims, but they must have had an inkling. And why aren't they speaking out more angrily now? The public doesn't want to hear childish cries of "don't blame me, it was him". They want honest MPs to help and actuively contribute to ridding parliament of those who have fiddled the system.
Brishank said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Well said Deborah. Nadine, you have stated you have nothing to fear from your claims so you should be at the forefront of a campaign to clean up Parliament. Find other 'clean' MPs and start a pressure group within Westminster and show your constituents and the public at large that not all MPs are on the take. You said you are angry at being lumped in with the dodgy MPs, well this could be a way to distance yourself from it all.
no-name said:
Responded: Thursday, 14 May 2009
Nadine, you're getting a lot of flack from people because your site is accessible and “we” need to vent off somewhere. So please take my message in the spirit it's intended, which isn't a personal swipe but is an attempt to get our representatives to understand that this is how ordinary people feel almost every day when we hear of new legislation to control us and our actions. I hope other MPs will see what people have written here, because we represent the electorate's opinions, and we're angry. I know how vulnerable you feel about your personal data. I did too when the Child Benefit discs went missing. A trite letter wasn't reassurance. The details are still out there somewhere, to be exploited. Me and my family have felt vulnerable when other data losses have been reported, but nobody in government seems to care, they just want even more bits and pieces of personal information – until they've got the lot, to be stored away somewhere or other and open to goodness knows how many legitimate “agencies” to pore over at their whim. I feel vulnerable about plans to force me to give all my personal details, including email and credit card, to a travel company if I want to travel to the Isle of Wight or any other island within the British Isles, and to hand over even more information before travelling abroad. I can't accept reassurances that the data will be protected, because past history tells me it won't be. There will also be the significant risk that some oik will use that information to break into my house while I'm away. I felt vulnerable, and frightened, when a burly groundsman took me to task for taking a photograph of a grass cutter in a public park, because it breached “his” privacy as the driver, and he threatened me with the Police for breaking the law. I felt vulnerable when a Police car pulled me over one night, when I was collecting my husband from a mainline railway station some distance from home, and threatened me with prosecution for having a non-working bulb shining towards my car's back numberplate. I felt even more vulnerable when I was pulled over a second time on the same journey and threatened, when I told them I already knew about it, with failing to comply with traffic laws and driving a vehicle I knew was faulty. How, I wonder, is anybody supposed to get a new bulb at 02:30 am. (Note, we live in a rural town, our Police station is closed evenings and weekends. Rarely, if ever, do we see Police except when they're speeding past under a flashing blue light.) So, you see, when you say you (and presumably fellow MPs) feel vulnerable, it's something we can relate to, but it seems a bit like crocodile tears.
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