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Question Time and Swine Flu …Again
Posted Wednesday, 6 May 2009 at 12:12

There was an interesting article on the Times Online  , which was written by the science editor. He wrote about the effectiveness of closing schools as a method of controlling a pandemic; and he referred to two recent studies to support his article. He also made the point that controlling and limiting the pandemic provided the time required to produce a vaccine.

I would imagine it's quite obvious that closing schools would be a good way of limiting the transfer of infection. However, as the Mexican ambassador will confirm, the real danger to the public has been the hysterical over-reaction of the media.

In the last few years, we have seen a couple of serious virus’ hit universities and schools in the guise of meningitis and mumps. Neither the universities nor schools were closed. The symptoms and effects of both are at best unpleasant and at worst fatal.

The symptoms of swine flu don’t appear to be worse than those of the common cold. We can still produce a vaccine, especially for the more vulnerable; however, the best prophylaxis against future strains of the virus is for people to build up their own immunities, naturally, and now.

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from the flu, usually as a result of secondary infection. It really is time to calm down. I stick to my position yesterday. The best thing we can do for our kids is not to close down their schools and disrupt their lives, but to carry on. They will surely be stronger and healthier for it in the long run.

I'm on Question Time with Bruce Anderson tomorrow night. Remember  this   ? Flip !!

Mike H said:
Responded: Wednesday, 6 May 2009
Question Time with Mr Anderson, eh? Are you taking Iain Dale along to rearrange the seating if necessary? ;-)
John R. Nicoll said:
Responded: Wednesday, 6 May 2009
When are we going to get a vaccine that will put an end to the panic on the subject of swine flu? This is one little piggy that has had more than enough
Anonymous said:
Responded: Wednesday, 6 May 2009
Three weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a friend. We were talking about, “your current news”. When I asked who you were, she replied: “Nadine will be Prime Minister in 12 years from now”. After reading your blog; I disagreed. However, now that you have preceded to slaughter Bruce Anderson prior to “Question Time”, I have changed my mind about you. I rang my friend and conceded that she was right, and I was wrong. With your savage, (Lily Savage) attack on Bruce Anderson, an intelligent and dedicated journalist; I predict that you will be Prime Minister in 5 years time. Lord help anybody who disagrees with you. You are a real “Lily Savage”. You should not be going to classical music; heavy metal with noise and destruction of musical instruments is more your forte. I will watch “Question Time” and see just how good you are when playing in the big league.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Sunday, 10 May 2009
Swine Flu? It's what you get when you elect a Labour Government.
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