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A dead weight..
Posted Friday, 1 May 2009 at 14:08

I’m between appointments in the constituency, looking out at the sunshine and feeling down.


I've just said goodbye to a lovely constituent. He cannot bear to be on benefits and has a job. It’s paying him £11,000 pa. He manages to pay rent, council tax, bills and maintain his car. If he didn’t have the car he couldn’t work. However, there isn’t any money left over for food. He buys his food on a credit card and each week the debt is mounting up. He has now begun to have panic attacks when he enters a supermarket as he cannot bear the guilt he experiences at buying his food on a credit card. He told me to blog his story. Very soon he may have to turn to benefits as the car won’t carry on for much longer and he can’t afford a new one. As we all know, that’s the point at which he will fall into the poverty trap.


One after the other I hear a different story. A year ago people used to come to me to complain about issues which really weren’t worth complaining about. Now each story has an element of absolute desperation.


I hope a general election comes soon.


I hope we scrap the NHS data base, the ID card scheme and regional assemblies within days. I hope we take a scythe to every penny spent on public services which has nothing to do with keeping people well, educated and safe and I really hope that the people of this country are ready and have the stomach to take that which must be done in order to restore prosperity. I hope we clamp down on immigration and operate a ruthless point’s based system based on the skill need of the country. I hope we radically amend our relationship with the EU and claw back some of the massive subsidies we hand over and use that money to benefit people like my very unwell and unhappy constituent.


People need to start adopting a war time mentality. The cause is no less important. The prize is the restoration of our country, its viability, our pride and position, our status and worth.

It’s going to be really very hard indeed. I just hope people are ready.


To cheer myself up I have remembered an exchange I had with a colleague yesterday.


A Minister with whom I get along very well and I, often meet behind the computers in the member’s library and have a chat.


Yesterday we were discussing the boxes of expense forms which each MP has to verify before publication.


Exchange went like this. N is me obviously.


N “Have you had any other MPs expense slips in your boxes”?


M “Loads, some have had the slips of a few different MPs in their boxes”


N “X had the receipts of five other MPs in his box which quite clearly displayed credit card numbers, his home and constituency address and telephone numbers”


M “I had a dead MP in mine”


N “Gosh, your box must be big. How did you get it upstairs”?


N was then splattered with a mouthful of tea M had just attempted to drink.



Anonymous said:
Responded: Friday, 1 May 2009
A bright intelligent young lady,three lovely daughters,a great mother,two maybe three homes, a well paid job(despite what you say)on the brink of being in the party next to govern, the sun shining....and you're feeling down??? Sorry, not allowed. Time to get the weight of the world off your shoulders methinks.
Brian E. said:
Responded: Friday, 1 May 2009
I just wish a few more Conservative MPs favoured cutting public expenditure to the extent that you advocate. Most seem scared stiff of using the word "cut" for fear that it will upset someone. My local (Conservative) council has put up the council tax each year by an amount well in excess of inflation. It is worth noting that, since I retired in 1994, my RPI linked pension income has gone up by 52% but my council tax has gone up by a massive 178%. Last year was the first time I had to draw on my savings for our day to day living, as distinct from holidays and buying a new car. In spite of this huge increase in expenditure, and the Council now charging for everything it possibly can, its services have declined, libraries have been shut, street cleaning has been reduced, pavements and roads have been allowed to deteriorate, etc, etc. Thus there seems little point in voting in the June elections, as although we have elected parish, district and county councils, all seem to be dominated by having to bow to the wishes of the unelected Southeast England Regional Assembly. I might however wander round to the polling station to vote for UKIP in the European elections!
Peter said:
Responded: Saturday, 2 May 2009
If "M" is a clue to the minister's identity, then I reckon is was Maria Eagle, on the grounds you scousers stick together! If not, maybe is was Margaret Beckett, Mike O'Brien, Meg Hiller, Mike Foster or Michael Wills. But my money's on Maria.
Dave said:
Responded: Saturday, 2 May 2009
Please advise (and you probably do) your constituent to apply for either Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit depending on their circumstances. It is not 'means' tested and is based on your income.If single you must be working more than 30 hours a week I believe. The forms are relatively easy to fill in and as you can earn upto many times your mentioned constituent's wage and still apply, there is no stigma attached.You can even fill in an online questionaire to find out how much you could qualify for.I know it's a Labour thing but needs must...etc. They could also make use of the internet to find everything from the cheapest utility supplier to the cheapest supermarket food item.There's quite a bit you can do for selfhelp. They could also use it to annoy their blogging MP with silly I do...nice gallows humour by the way....
Steve said:
Responded: Tuesday, 12 May 2009
First political blog I have read tonight that made me laugh for the right reason!
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