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You Could be Happy..Chasing Cars
Posted Friday, 10 April 2009 at 12:29

Driving so can’t really blog. Even a woman can’t combine those two things together!


I’ve brought with me The Armed Man, Einaudi, and Snow Patrol.


Had a bit of trouble getting them all in though. Told the armed man to leave his gun behind J


I think my choice of music is beginning to irritate my daughter. I sense this by the extent to which she keeps raising the volume on her ipod.


I am part way through writing a ‘Fight Back’ blog with regard to MPs expenses. It will be the basis of the letter I am going to submit to the enquiry. It’s going to take a little while though so the lap top is coming with me.

It will give me an excuse to leave the table every time my mother tries to force feed me another slice of apostle cake. Do hope to have it blogged in a few hours though.


Cassie is walking towards the car from the service station as I type. Smiling at me, blonde hair flying all over the place. Scuttling to get out of the rain. Oblivious to the four young men stood in the car park watching her every step as she glides past. If only I could tell her and make her understand what I now know in order that she can enjoy every second of being seventeen.


She has told me that if I play You Could be Happy or Chasing Cars from Snow Patrol once more, she’s getting out and walking.


Seventeen. I do remember. That's an age when someone else is always the boss. Must remind her not to leave her i pod behind.


Just put Open Your Eyes on replay. Even she can't moan about that, surely?

Tom W said:
Responded: Friday, 10 April 2009
You probably have the best taste in music of any MP. Maybe it's because you come from Liverpool?
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