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A Missile or a Feather Boa?
Posted Sunday, 5 April 2009 at 12:01

I'm going to be a bit mean this morning. Having watched Obama’s speech in the Prague morning sunshine it occurred to me that it was a good job Michelle left the platform before he began to address the crowds.

 If she hadn't, that huge Easter Bonnet bow perched on her assets may have distracted the crowd from what was, following the actions of North Korea in the early hours, an important speech.

What is it with women on the left have who appear to struggle with getting dressed in the morning?

Every Wednesday, a spot of a sport breaks out on the Conservative green benches in the few minutes leading up to PMQs.

It’s all to do with spotting the worst fashion faux pas on the other side.

It’s the bright oranges and reds, big brooches and bright scarves, anything to attract attention or hint at an interesting personality.

I was quite mesmerised in my first few weeks when one Labour lady appeared to attend the chamber each day wearing a feather boa.
I never heard her speak, but the feather boa shrieked louder than any speech - ‘I’m here'.

I struggled to contain a sharp intake of breath last week, when one rose to ask the PM a question wearing what appeared to be a pale pink dressing gown.

As she delivered the question she thumped her fists together continuously.

The longer she stood and thumped the more she looked like a distressed patient who had surprisingly found herself in the hospital car park.

In the recent US elections Hilary Clinton lost all hope the minute she delivered a speech wearing a bright orange pant suit.

Who wouldn't question the judgment of someone running for office who thought that was a good thing to do?

And Michelle, who has so far managed to steer away from major disaster, and frankly always looks best in a fitted black dress and pearls, has hinted strongly at it almost every time she steps out of her fashion comfort zone.

There is an exception to the left dress code.

Segolene Royal, runner up to Sarkozy.
But then, she is French.

Someone needs to tell the women on the left that less is very often more.

A rule which has resonance in the world of politics in areas far more important than dress.

A rule Obama articulated in the morning sunshine in Prague, only hours after North Korea flicked its feather boa and reminded us all they were here.

David Nettleton said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
Having viewed last Wednesday's PMQ on 504 earlier today I too was shocked by the site of Mrs Blobby rising from the backbenches in her blancmange overall to ask I can't remember what due to the trauma inflicted by this horrible sight. I would also like some assurance the no giraffes were harmed in the making of Harriet Harman's suit. And she's worn it before. However, only you could turn fashion into a left-right issue. Isn't it more that some women have style and the other 80% don't? As for footwear, the shoe manufacturers of this country have a lot to answer for, but don't get me started....
Nick said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
What a pointless post. Do you really think at a time when families are struggling in a global economic downturn anyone cares what the "women of the left" (or any politician for that matter) is wearing? Maybe you should check your "nasty rule" (Thursday, 19 February 2009 at 14:59) or follow your advice to those who wish to comment (Monday, 23 March 2009 at 09:22)? I guess the era of "Punch & Judy" politics isn't over after all.
Alison said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
I read your blog every day and have only just noticed that you are taking comments again.Great one today.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
Only a woman could make a link between fashion and a bomb. You should write for a paper or something.
Nadine said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
@ Nick I did warn you. You could have looked away. Nice to see you are such a regular reader though!
Anonymous said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
Michelle's not that bad. You forgot Sarah Brown, who looked a mess at the G20 meeting.
Phillip said:
Responded: Sunday, 5 April 2009
Well done Nadine. A great way of linking one catastrophe to another.
Kierran said:
Responded: Monday, 6 April 2009
Im not sure what the womnen on the right look like. Samantha Cameron does always look good. Margaret Thatcher, good. Laura Bush, now I come to think about it, looked good. Which other woman on the right is there to compare?
Eddie said:
Responded: Monday, 6 April 2009
I love your writing Nadine. Your politics, however, are garbage.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Monday, 6 April 2009
Keep reinforcing those gender roles Nadine...because a woman's job is to look good, no matter what they say.
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