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Posted Saturday, 4 April 2009 at 12:01


At a school assembly last week, here are the questions I was asked by a class of four and five year olds who stayed behind to talk to me.


Have you been up Big Ben?

How much money do you get paid?

Is that a lot?

Do you like Co-Co Pops and toast? Yes, but not in the same bowl!

Are they your shoes? The ones I was wearing at the time.

Do you have a Hamster? Affirmative, big brownie point.

What’s its name?

Is it yours? Ten minutes on the ins and outs of Pannatone’s hectic life.

I like your clothes. We were getting desperate now.


And finally, very, very, very slowly and very, very carefully;


Do you think its right that the European Parliament should be able to dictate that Bedfordshire has energy from waste plant and if they can, do you think Rookery Pit is the wrong place for it to go?


It took a lot of guts for a four year old in pig tails with no front teeth to do that. I replied, tell Mummy, no and yes.


She almost fainted with relief.


If anyone is interested, March finished on 153,000 hits. I have no idea what 'unresolved IP addresses' are, if I count in those, it's more.

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