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The Clive Anderson Chat Room
Posted Friday, 27 March 2009 at 09:58


The Clive Anderson chat room was possibly the most enjoyable media I've ever done.

Although the programme will only be 30 minutes long, the recording actually takes 90minutes; and I did love the whole live audience thing.

The recording took place in a lovely intimate theatre within RADA.

It's fair to say that one of the other guests, American comedian, Scott Cuppora and I sparked off each other a little.

One of our exchanges went a bit like this...

Nadine - made the case for reintroducing History into the school curriculum.

Scott - said British history was all made up anyway.

Nadine - said are you jealous because your country has no history?

Scott - replied, well at least we have a future (accompanied by very rude hand signals)

Nadine - you did have, you've got Obama now.

Quentin Letts was really nice but just plain wrong in terms of his assessment of MPs; and frankly, he should know most MPs well enough to know better.
Couldn't help liking him though. Very kind to me before we went on air, although he did question why I was putting on make-up for radio?

I think he was a bit surprised to discover it was a  live audience.

Picture is of Quentin swotting up in the dressing room after just being told there was an audience!

The other picture is of Clive buying me a drink at the bar after the show.
He is a top man; and despite having a great writer, Ian, working for him, he is naturally very, very funny.

The programme airs on Radio 2, 28 March at 1pm.

Dave Cross said:
Responded: Friday, 27 March 2009
That's Scott _Capurro_
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