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Posted Wednesday, 25 March 2009 at 23:07

The proposal for abortion clinics to be able to advertise on TV is just plain sick.

We have the highest number of teenage pregnancies and the highest number of abortions in Europe.

The objective should be to reduce this statistic not spend money in a manner which minimises the seriousness of such a procedure.

I am quite sure that any adverts will depict smiling pretty nurses, gleaming reception areas and leafy car parks. They will not in any way show the fear, anguish, isolation, or subsequent depression.

They will not highlight the conveyor belt, the general anaesthetic or the risk

And there is absolutely no way the advert will let the viewer know that even the those most committed to having an abortion feel a desperate sense of emptiness when they surface from the anaesthetic and cry the inevitable lonely tears.

Abortion is a danger to women’s health, it carries risk and consequence.

The darkest secret is the fact that an abortion industry has hi-jacked a mis guided ill informed feminist agenda and then used it as a vehicle upon which to exploit vulnerable young women in order to  increase profits.

TV advertising is the next level up in this process.


Who is behind this?  Who thought advertising a procedure which ends life in a clinical, surgical manner made good sense and for what reason?

Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
So too do adverts for 'counselling services' not show the immense pressure young women face not to have an abortion at a time when they believe they are gaining impartial advice
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
This is absolutely terrible. I can't believe that any one thinks it is acceptable to advertise abortion clinics.
ashley westwood said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
It truly saddens me to hear that in a knee jerk reaction to the lack of air time given to advertising condoms- the government is allowing instead to show abortion. It shows the state of our lives today that women can use abortion as a new form of contraceptive- once again high lighting that "safe sex" meas "not getting pregnant" when in fact it should be about educating ourselves to have mature adult relationships where our sexual health is not compromised. I fully support lowering the abortion age to 20 weeks. I myself lost my baby at 22 weeks- I had to give birth to her; her perfectly formed little body with fingers and toes, eyelashes, fingernails, her little mouth- everything. Women need to be educated in what an abortion truly means; as you rightly said there is fear, isolation and subsequent depression. I had this and I didn't even have the choice. Abortion cannot be advertised on television- you cannot show gleaming hospitals with smiling nurses each suggesting "come murder your little life-annoyance with us." There is too much to understand about abortion. It is for many women the most difficult decision they will have to make- often a decision taken away from themselves because the baby is non-viable outside the womb due to serious medical problems. Advertising abortionon tv just adds to it being treated as unimportant, and an alternative to true contraception. I hope you will have some success in bringing a halt to this- but seeing the walls you have come up against through your other campaign- I sincerely doubt it. It's a sad world we live.
dennis said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
One should take the view that the greatest harm should be avoided and , as a barrister who does a lot of childcare cases, I suspect that ,in the case of many teenage girls, an abortion is the least bad option
John Holt said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
I wholeheartedly agree with you. This is another step down that wretched slippery slope that we are being taken down. Standards are constantly being lowered. The government constantly take what they consider the easy way out. They complaint about an increase in teenage pregnancies, but instead of doing something to reduce it, they merely produce something that has the opposite effect. Don't make things easier - stand up and do something useful.
Derek Williams said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
This idea of 'advertising' to reduce teenage pregnancies is as you rightly say 'plain sick'. If a woman needs an abortion, and to be honest nobody 'needs' an abortion, then they are already pregnant. Hence there is zero impact on the teenage pregnancy rate which was the objective. Permit me to make a sensible suggestion, teach teenagers what sex is about - sure, after all, I'm sure our long lost ancestors needed to know!!!! which is why nobody was conceived before we introduced sex education!! But then teach them that wonderful word 'no' and a little bit about self control. Teenage pregnancies would vanish. However, I don't believe that our government is serious about the teenage pregnancy agenda as much as the abortion one which provides an income. And with advertising agencies now potentially getting an income the abortion rate becomes an even more important stat.
lynn said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
How right you are!!! Advertising abortion on TV is just sick no matter whether you are pro life or pro choice.
VJ said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
I couldn't agree more. This proposal is disgusting and totally ignores the real problem in this country with teenage pregnancies etc. Children have to be taught that there are standards in life and that it is reasonable for children to be children. This country is systematically destroying children's lives and any hope for the future by allowing abortion propagandists and their ilk to set the agenda on sexual health. It has to stop. I applaud Ms Dorries for being one of the few MPs prepared to stand-up and be counted.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
I must admit, advertising abortion clinics may be going a step too far. However, speaking from experience not all women suffer fear, anguish, isolation or subsequent depression. I found that the anguish and isolation was caused by the lack of non judgemetal information available to me at the time of my termination as a 23 year old married woman in the early 1980's. Every woman should have the freedom of choice on this matter and not be subject to harrassment by people who do not share the same point of view. Maybe MP's should be calling for parents to have more control over their teenagers rather than allow them to sleep around and become pregnant.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
Nadine have you seen the Mail online story about the 15 year old that died after an abortion at the Marie Stopes Clinic?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
I totally agree with you. Abortion is not a form of contraception, it is the termination of a life capable of existing in the future. and is not something that can be considered lightly. Advertising abortion clinics puts the termination of a pregnancy on the same level as going into a shop to buy new clothes. Allowing abortion clinics to advertise is not dealing with the problem of the growth of unwanted pregnancies. Instead we should be educating young men and women (teenagers)to consider the outcome of their actions and to show respect and consideration for others. Similarly, the advertising of condoms should not be shown on prime time television. How can we stop this government approving such acts? Will The Advertising Standards Agency take action on opinions of the public?
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
I had my 12 week scan, third child. I could see baby quite clearly, fully formed! How do we stop the adverts from going ahead? I will be complaining to the advertising standards commission!
Anonymous said:
Responded: Thursday, 26 March 2009
For goodness sake Nadine, I heard you on Jeremy Vine and you were way over the top then and you are way over the top now. Ok, I would imagine an abortion is not too pleasant, especially surgical terminations as opposed to chemical but what is the alternative?? Ridiculous for people here to spout "learn the value of no" - it ain't going to happen that way! Accept the facts, pregnancy=two choices, either have the baby or abort. Having the baby raises a whole new social spectre and I cannot get as you do and squeal about taking a life.
Anonymous said:
Responded: Monday, 30 March 2009
Derek Williams is lucky he will never 'need' to face an unplanned pregnancy. Clinics do not just cater for 14 year old girls who find themselves in such a situation. Between the ages of 18 and 45, 1 in 3 women in the UK will have had an abortion - many of those are 'responsible' adults who are in committed relationships and may even have children. Contraception is not 100% reliable and women do have the right to be more than incubators. Whilst women are vilified and stigmatised for making an awful choice, under stressful circumstances the abortion debate will remain 'them and us' and more women will make a choice that they may regret because there is no access to uniform and clear policy - it is seen as best kept quiet. If the climate was different, I would not be anonymous and I may be able to save others from making the wrong choice for them.
Suzanne said:
Responded: Tuesday, 31 March 2009
I don’t think I’ve ever looked at your blog and not seen you publicising the evils of abortion. I’m still not quite sure what you are trying to achieve. We have the highest number of teenage pregnancies and abortions in Europe. is preventing private abortion clinics from advertising going to change that? 89% abortions are carried out in the first 12 weeks and the vast majority of those on the NHS. If more than a handful of NHS hospitals carried out abortions in later pregnancy then there would be little need for women to go to private clinics (unless they chose to) and, thus, hardly anyone would be making a ‘profit’ from abortions. As for advertising contraception and abortion, facts consistently show that the countries which are completely open about sex, contraception and abortion, such as Holland, have much lower rates of teenage pregnancy and abortion than we do. And please stop saying that abortion is a danger to women’s health when it is by far more dangerous to carry the baby to full term and give birth. No one should be given an abortion without being first told about the risks and her other options (as, I believe, is the case). But I hardly think someone who is going to a private clinic and paying c.£500 is likely to be a silly ignorant teenager. On a slightly different note re. the slippery slope we’re on with the ever-lowering moral standards in the awful, corrupt times we live in in the 21st century: Ovid wrote poems about abortion going on in ancient Rome; in Shakespeare’s time, when most girls were married off in their teens, up to 30-40% of brides were estimated to have been pregnant already and I think that figure was consistent right up until the 1940s; within living memory, it was perfectly acceptable to have the pregnant 14-yr-old scullery maid thrown out on to the streets after she’d been raped by the master of the house on the back stairs; and it was common right up until 1920s to lock unmarried teenage mothers up in mental asylums for the rest of their lives. Ah, those were the days.
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