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Whose line is it anyway?
Posted Saturday, 21 March 2009 at 18:41





Interesting to see Patricia Hewitt quoted in just about every paper today with regard to the amendment she is laying down to the Justice and Coroners Bill on Monday. The amendment is to remove those who assist in elective suicide from the threat of prosecution.


Only it would appear it’s not her amendment.


Today I received a leaked email which dropped onto my computer from the office of Evan Harris MP.




Now, at much the same time as the email arrived so did a phone call. The caller believed that some Liberal Democrats are possibly not too happy with the ‘Dr Death’ title given by some in the media to Dr Harris, due to his enthusiasm for abortion and euthanasia. Apparently, I am led to believe,  they would prefer any high profile ‘death’ stuff to be done in the name of another MP as it tarnishes the image of the Liberal Democrats, that being the one of the ‘nice’ party, which everyone knows they aren’t.


In addition to this, as hardly any MP from any party would support a Liberal Democrat, due to their unfair and unpleasant campaign techniques; it would need to be carried by a Labour or Conservative MP in order to receive any support at all.


The email written by the researcher of Evan Harris is the exact wording of the amendment and I have been led to believe, the handwritten list of names supporting the amendment is in the hand of Evan Harris himself.


So, just whose line is this anyway?


That of Dr Harris the MP who is at least genuine in his pursuit of ending of life issues. Or Patricia Hewitt, who developed an interest in this when exactly?


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