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John McCain, the idle parent?
Posted Monday, 16 March 2009 at 10:59

Jessica Brinton had two un-related articles in yesterday's Sunday Times Style Magazine which jumped out at me.

One in which Meghan McCain (John McCain's daughter) stated, "My biggest aphrodisiac is an apathetic attitude to Politics".

I get that.

I then read another comment out to the Dorries girls around the breakfast table: "I have become something I used to despise, someone who lets politics dictate her attraction to someone"; to which they all replied loudly and in unison (as is their way) "eh?"


I then read the feature on Tom Hodgkinson's book, The Idle Parent.

In that pathological narcissistic way all writers have (and I include bloggers and twitterers like myself in there, so hold the indignant gasp), it would be fair to assume that one could replace idle with perfect, given that a narcissist is writing about his own parenting skills.

Maybe he is someone with whom John McCain should have had a coffee, twenty or so years ago?

Tom stated that when he worked at the BBC he was the only person who sent his kids to state school.

Really? He surely couldn't have mixed with people like Marr, Crick, Paxman and Wark then could he?

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