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Posted Saturday, 14 March 2009 at 13:51



The Daily Mail have a detailed feature on Mr Choudhary.


 Makes fascinating reading.


Newsnight placed as the opposing voice to Mr Choudhary a very senior, in years as well as rank, Gulf war veteran from ’91.


 I can’t get the details of his name or rank right now as the Newsnight web site is less than helpful on a Saturday as they obviously all go home on Friday night.


He was no match for Mr Choudhary, however, I imagine Newsnight knew that.

Why didn’t they put Sayeeda Varsi up against him? She would have challenged and exposed his true beliefs from a position of knowledge and expertise. 


How much longer are the majority of viewers expected to tolerate having to pay for politicaly biased reporting? Do we really all want to see Islamist extremists sat on Newsnight without the viewing public being made fully aware of who they are and what they stand for? Does Kirsty really think people are sat in their armchairs thinking "that's right Kirsty, dont be too hard on him". And furthermore, how much longer are we expected to pay for Kirsty, who makes no pretence of her political views on the back of our cheques?




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