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Lessons From Luton Could Prevent Chaos In Bolton
Posted Thursday, 12 March 2009 at 15:31



Today I am laying down an EDM.


I have been slightly astounded at the Government’s reaction with regard to the demonstrations, which took place in Luton during the home-coming parade of the Royal Anglians.


The Prime Minister expressed disappointment, as did Harriet Harman, the Leader of the House. However, I’m afraid they have totally missed the point and failed to grasp the wider ramifications. I requested an urgent debate to take place in the Chamber from the Leader of the House this morning. It’s fair to say the request was met with little appetite.


Other home-coming parades are about to take place in Watford and Bolton, amongst others.


What took place this week was entirely preventable had the police taken appropriate action.


The Police have sent CCTV footage to the CPS to ask the question whether or not  the group were guilty of intending to incite public disorder; they clearly did, the word incite is no longer relevant.


The group should have immediately been removed from the area by the Police. But apparently the group knew they would be left alone. It is unlikely that placards with the words ‘child murderers’ and ‘butchers’ were meant to express sentiments of gratitude. The Police should have made the sensible decision to move them away from the families and supporters of the soldiers before the parade began.


This week may simply have been a dress rehearsal on behalf of Muslim extremists before Bolton. It is certain that not all the people at the demonstration were from Luton.


No one wants to talk about it here. It’s an issue everyone wants to bury, or avoid. And the extremists are counting on that.


This attitude has got to stop.


We do have extremists, they are out to incite public disorder and they are a threat to peace. No on wants this stopped more than the greater Muslim communities.


So, take note Watford, Bolton and anywhere else about to hold a home-coming parade. Nip extremist behaviour in the bud. Don’t wait until after the event because then it will be too late.


Be aware of BNP infiltrators using the events to create disorder.


I will post the wording of the EDM later.

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