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Posted Tuesday, 10 March 2009 at 21:20

Being one of the lads (that’s what they call me to my face anyway) means I have to eat where and when they want to. Being the only female voice I get drowned out. I’m not sure why “let’s find a nice salad bar” is met with such derision, but it is.


Tonight, it was Nando’s. Chips and Chicken and stuff. Grant and Stewart are actually members of two Nando’s Face Book groups called ‘we could eat Nando’s for lunch every day of the year - forever’ and the other one ‘why isn’t Nando’s open 24 hrs a day’ It’s the forever that gets me!


Is there a Face Book group for nice salads?


About to go in for adjournment debate. The sinking in the stomach never goes, or maybe it's just the chips!!



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