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Posted Monday, 9 March 2009 at 20:59

Apologies for late blogging. It’s been a trifle mad. Not least because I have successfully secured an end of business adjournment debate in the chamber tomorrow.


I put in for these things all of the time and I am very rarely lucky, however, I’ve hit the jackpot this week.


The thrust of my debate will be regarding the regulation of solicitors. I feel very strongly that if complaints are made against solicitors then the complaint and the outcome should be published.


In midst of this economic downturn more and more people are turning to solicitors for help and not all are receiving the service they should. Many end up with large bills which further compound the situation they needed help with in the first place. I will blog more about the debate tomorrow after I've written the speech.


Anyway, I don’t know what’s up with me, however, all day long whilst reading through legal stats Inspector Clouseau, keeps popping into my head! Particularly the ‘de lur’ out-take, (Peter Sellers describing himself as ‘the law’) and I keep giggling to myself. I have had a quick scan through You Tube to see if I can find it but to no avail. Just as well, I’d probably make myself worse! I’m really worried Clouseau will pop into my mind during the debate tomorrow and I will lose it!!!!

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