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Posted Monday, 2 March 2009 at 17:33


Alistair Burt, MP for NE Beds and I had a great time on Saturday at the Bedfordshire Beekeepers' annual buzz together (sorry!).

Alistair even bought me a jar of honey!

It’s a huge pleasure to know that the numbers of people keeping bees is growing hugely; and Wally Thrale, pictured with Alistair and I, told me the number of people waiting to join the Bedfordshire training course has increased from 15 last year to 90 this year.

Being a mother of three stunning daughters, I am no stranger to opening the front door to nervous, blushing, tongue- tied young men.

Friday night was one such occasion.

As I answered the knock on my door a young man enquired as to the whereabouts of my youngest daughter. As he did so, my little dog, the one that bites when you try to pick it up, ran out to sniff and greet the young man.

I informed him that my daughter was at the cinema with friends but could I say who had called?

He hesitated, raised one eyebrow and then answered very sardonically, "let's just go with ‘rancid’ shall we."


I watched him as he bent down to pick up the dog, the thought did cross my mind but flip! It all happened too quickly.

"I’ll tell her", said I. Rancid as in what happens to a bite when left untreated?

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