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The Air Commodore and I
Posted Saturday, 21 February 2009 at 13:26

This morning, before I had even opened my eyes, I was aware that something had happened last night that I deeply regretted.

It took 30 seconds or so of half asleep deep panic for the realisation to sink in and even then, even though I knew it to be true, I couldn't quite believe what I had done.

I am very lucky to have two bases in my constituency, Army and Air Force.

Last night I attended a private dinner party at the RAF Henlow Station Commander’s Residence.

The guests seemed nice enough. The Station Commander and his wife, the Bedfordshire Chief Fire Officer and his wife, the head of RAF Airlift and his wife, the Wing Commander and his wife, the base doctor and of course the Air Commodore and his wife.

The last time I met the Air Commodore was few years ago as a brand new MP.

I wasn't really aware of who he was, or indeed how important he was - so he put me in a de-compression chamber.


Actually, the de-compression chamber was all part of knowledge gathering as to what happens on the base and the facilities available to serving personnel, who are, whilst at the base, constituents.

Last night, minutes before I left the party, the Air Commodore, somehow, and I really don't know how it happened, convinced me that taking a ride in a Hawk Jet at 500miles per hour, feeling the G and doing the turns would be a good idea. I agreed.

It’s a trip many MPs have taken and survived, apparently. I've never heard anyone mention it?

Someone joked about filing a noise complaint when I flew over their house in Yorkshire and everyone laughed. So did I, as I thought how ridiculous such a comment was as Yorkshire is miles away..

It’s just sunk in. I'll be there in about ten minutes.
I hope she puts the kettle on.

I am actually keen to break some of the stereo types of the political world.

Men having the monopoly on defence in Parliament is one of them. This will be a true test of my conviction.

Photos, not the ones of me being ill obviously, will be posted on the blog. Isn't a Hawk the jet Jeremy Clarkson threw up in? I hope I don’t get his!

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