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Is Britain Already Full?
Posted Thursday, 19 February 2009 at 13:38


In today’s Daily Mail, David Cameron MP has pledged to cut immigration by 50,000 per year.
On ConservativeHomeNicholas Soames MP asks the question: what are we going to do to stop the population figures reaching 70 million by 2028?

I strongly recommend reading both articles. Of the 10 million increase by 2028, 7 million will be due to immigration; the equivalent in size to a further seven cities the size of Birmingham.

We live in difficult times. We live on an island. The NFU estimate that we are capable of supplying/growing 60% of what we need to eat, today.

If immigration continues to grow at this rate, we will need to build more homes; and that means concreting over more green fields, many of which are arable and supply us with crops today.

Dairy herds are disappearing from this country at a rapid rate. We are down to twelve in Mid Bedfordshire. The average age of a farmer is 60.

World peace does not exist. Peace in the Middle East at best estimates is some way off. What would happen if each country had some form of import restrictions for whatever reason, and needed to become ‘food secure’?

If we are only food sufficient to the point of 60% today, where would we be once immigration has grown by a further 10 million?

We are the most densely populated country in Europe; and as I said, we are an island.
Is Britain already full?

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