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Posted Monday, 15 December 2008 at 11:13



Question time was tough.


It was Lembit Opik’s 5000 ish appearance. Will Self had appeared numerous times and Esther Rantzen is a seasoned presenter.


I was so scared when the music started that I couldn’t stop my knee from trembling. Now I know what happens I wish I could do it all again, without the nerves!


David Dimbleby is an extremely nice man and obviously does not approve of mis information being put out on his show.

I was incredibly impressed when during the after show supper he took Will Self to task for something he had said to me on air.


I had made the comment that the markets where dictating that there was a lack of confidence in how our economy was being handled. That the tumbling pound was a reflection of our ability to pay back borrowing at the extortionate interest rate at which it is being secured. Will Self interrupted me and said I was wrong and put forward his opinion as to why. He got a laugh.


Later, David Dimbleby asked him why he had done that because I had been right. He then took me to task for not coming back at Will. Frankly, Will and Esther Rantzen are consummate performers and to them it was all about the applause. I don’t want to spoil his tetchy persona; however, Will was a really nice guy off camera. A regular, caring dad who is passionate about the environment.


What did I learn from QT? Don’t rock the chair, don’t keep saying actually, be more precise, prepare better and don’t be afraid to challenge.


I still have no phone and no telephone numbers as my phone was wiped for security as soon as it was reported missing. Its driving me insane!


To everyone who has emailed the office with such nice comments, many, many thanks. I will reply to everyone, however, it will take some time.


Hope to speak in the debate today and have 800 Christmas cards to sign. Must find Will’s address and add him to my list.

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