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Licence To Thrill?
Posted Thursday, 30 October 2008 at 09:59

It's half term week and my house is full of teenagers. I have been very much alone in my stand on the Brand/Ross issue.

I had to pull the car over last night to give a radio interview whilst four of them glared at me in the rear view mirror. If looks could kill I would have croaked it before I got to the end of the first sentence.

I tried to justify my position as I started up the car and was accused of trying to dumb down creativity. I explained that I was all for freedom of speech, as long as I wasn't paying £140 per year for it to offend me.

Silence from those who have never bought a TV licence and until that moment, didn't know how much one costs.

All has changed this morning as I walked into the sleep-over bedroom, a gaggle of girls laid on the bed huddled around my daughters lap top looking up the transcript and the Brand/Ross interview.

Sophie was the first to crack, an unusual occurrence!

"You were right Nadine" she said to my back as I left the room (defeat is so much easier minus eye contact). "They have been really disgusting and awful and we shouldn't be paying for that."

The rest chimed in with support.

Looks like I'll live to cook another slap up breakfast then!

Mmm, who has won here exactly?

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