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Just Another Manic Wednesday
Posted Wednesday, 8 October 2008 at 16:59

A normal Wednesday...mad!

Started with a phone call to tell me I was in the London Evening Standard top 1000 most influential people in London – in the health section!

I was proud of that. Proud not to have been in the politics section. Proud that I was described as hated by feminists, but the voice of reason for middle England, because that’s what matters to me.

PMQs today should have been serious in tone; however, the MPs sitting behind the Prime Minister didn’t quite get that, as they screamed, hollered and waved their order papers.

I get it that if the discussion is inter party and point scoring then it’s ok to yell and shout – if that’s your thing; but I really think that on today of all days, the people on the outside of the 'hallowed bubble' deserved and expected better.

I certainly did.

The one liners, born of wit and intellect which is naturally imbued in many an MP, and yes, I don’t say that easily, borders on superb during PMQs.

I was sitting next to Stephen O'Brien MP for Eddisbury. As Gordon droned on in that way he has, every brain cell in the chamber is yelling a silent ‘STOP’.

Stephen groaned under his breath "God, he’s competing with Mogadon", and Gordon carried on ….

Nick Clegg spoke with his usual exciting gravitas. As he sat down and the speaker stood up another MP muttered "that’s the FTSE up then".

The odd noises off are funny, but at least on the Conservative side we know when to laugh out loud, and when not.

Just finished an interview with the Metro which will be in their 60 second interview spot.

The journalist began the interview by saying "you are the only MP I know who understands short selling. If only everyone explained it as a 10-1 bet we would all know what everyone was talking about". I hadn’t actually realised that was how I had explained it; however I replied – if all we politicians spoke in the same language that everyone else uses round their kitchen table at night, there would be far greater engagement with the political process.

Off to another interview.. more tea anyone?

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