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McCain and Jamie Oliver's Twist
Posted Friday, 5 September 2008 at 13:03

John McCain & Jamie Oliver

I have just watched McCain's speech – I liked it. I appear to be alone.

I wasn’t blown away in the way I was yesterday by the stardust of my new political hero, Sarah Palin, but I didn’t expect to be.

I was looking for a difference between McCain and Obama and I got it.

I tend not to over analyse every word of a speech in the way most political pundits do. I like to judge a speech on how it made me feel.

Did I believe it? Did it move me? Do I trust him? Will he deliver? Joe public tends to operate in the same way. For me the answer to all the above was 'yes.'

America has to be ‘imaged out’ following the Obama convention speech from the fake Parthenon - they must surely be ready for substance?

If they are, McCain needs to work up and develop his themes and policies into a punch ready delivery for the campaign debates. Palin will wipe the floor with Biden. Can McCain with Obama?

I have just been sent an email which is apparently Jamie Oliver's new cook book, which hasn’t yet been released.

I’m not sure I believe it, however, apparently an employee at the publishing house sent it via a word document ahead of the release to a friend. It’s now doing the email rounds.

What a moral dilemma I am in? Do I just send the email back or do I cook Oliver's twist with spaghetti and wild mushrooms?

If I were Jamie Oliver, I think I would be in a little bit more than a twist!

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