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Record Hits!
Posted Tuesday, 1 July 2008 at 12:33

Yesterday was a day of noisy protest as those opposed to the ‘eco-scam’ or ‘eco-sham’ descended upon London to make their voices heard.

Grant Shapps MP gave a tremendous rallying, inspiring and informed speech to those who could fit into Committee Room 14 under the watchful eye of Gladstone.

The fight continues as we attack this weak government, which in its disarray continues to impose top down diktats.

If I have achieved anything as a blogger, it has been my ability to unite left wing bloggers, who are by nature a divided and argumentative group (as one recently told me).

Their poor writing, viscious invective, bad language and inter-group warfare fades into nothing whenever my name is mentioned or written about, as they all dive in for the attack. I am apparently the absolute hate figure of the left wing bloggers.

Now, why would that be I wonder?

If anyone is interested by the way, May was a record month with 674,000 hits - June was down a bit to 547,000.

I can't actually believe those figures - what's going on?

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