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Children Aborting Babies
Posted Thursday, 19 June 2008 at 10:28
The figures released this morning by the DoH show that there is a 23 per cent increase in abortions in girls under 14.

The figures today show that children are aborting babies, which is a stark indicator of how the government has presided over a continuous and steady increase in abortion rates in ever younger girls. They have no access to help and guidance where and when they need it most; this results in a distressing and life altering spell in an abortion clinic.

Our children have never had so much sex education; but what they are taught, and how they are taught it, gives out the message 'now go and try this for yourself'.

The mantra in schools, with regard to sex education, is 'non-directional teaching'.

It should be directional, heavily directional. It should direct children towards values,  morals, and the factual information that they need to know.

I haven't had the chance to look at European figures yet, but I wouldn't mind betting that there is no other country where the number of children aborting babies is so high.
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