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Posted Thursday, 5 June 2008 at 11:34

I've just asked the Chancellor a question about the impending increase in VED.

When I asked the question, I used its old fashioned monica 'road tax' - VED sounds like a sexually transmitted disease.

I asked, "This morning all over Britain mums have just finished the school run.

Today they may pop into Tescos and have to put back onto the shelves treats they could have afforded for the kids just a few months ago.

Many, completely unaware that the road tax on the second hand family car parked in the car park is about to increase dramatically.

How much misery does the Chancellor want to heap upon the shoulders of the average British mum?"

Of course, I was jeered loudly all the way through by the other side - every single time I stand up to speak I am ambushed, regardless of the subject.

Labour don't like it if you try to talk about real people and how decisions taken by the Chancellor affect the day to day life of the average British family.

Angela Eagle MP, the Finance Minister was mad. Shock horror, splutter splutter, I had talked about people not policy.

Her answer was derisory to all mums everywhere, most of whom are too busy to know what's around the corner; many just getting through another day of making ends meet and wondering where the money is going to come from, to buy new school uniforms and shoes this Summer.

The very worst aspect of a government which has lost touch with the people is the pain it inflicts during its agonising last few years whilst it grinds itself into the ground.

Bring on fixed term parliaments.

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