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Osborne's Claims
Posted Monday, 18 April 2016 at 15:09

I was about to write a blog about the statement made by George Osborne that Britain will be poorer outside of the EU. Setting aside his blatant opportunism, dishonesty and what is possibly his last salvo to resurrect his reputation and bid to be the next Prime Minister, let's look at the figures. 

This is the easy bit as someone else has just done it.

Fraser Nelson, editor of the Spectator is a 'Remainer' and yet even he is incensed by George Osborne's statement. 

Maybe that's because Osborne audaciously supposes that the British Public are a bunch of thick plebs who won't understand what he's saying anyway. That's what's done it for me. 

Take it away Fraser...

'That' Leaflet
Posted Friday, 8 April 2016 at 12:31

We all know the Government isn't neutral in the EU referendum debate. They are actively campaigning for us to Remain. But it is only just becoming clear how aggressively they are running that campaign and they are doing it with taxpayers' money.

We now know that £9 million has been spent on a leaflet praising the EU and describing why we should all be terrified of leaving it. That leaflet is being posted to every household in the country and you are footing the bill.

David Cameron describes this £9 million as 'money well spent'. According to my inbox very many of my constituents disagree. And they are right to be angry because the Government's spending breaches their own preferred watchdog's rules.

The European Commission for Democracy Through Law, similar to our own Electoral Commission, states that governments 'must not abuse their position...In any event,
the use of public funds for campaigning purposes must be prohibited'. My emphasis, although the words couldn't really be any clearer.

I thought the ridiculously named 'BSE' campaign group for IN were well funded enough to send out leaflets making their case without relying on taxpayers. As the argument turns against them maybe they aren't drawing in the mega-bucks donations any more.

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