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Dismissal of the Election Petition
Posted Thursday, 30 July 2015 at 15:58

With regards to today’s news from the High Court, my solicitors, Clifford Chance, have prepared this statement on my behalf:

"This petition was part of Mr Ireland's continued campaign of harassment against our client. Our client believes that the petition was maliciously brought and had no merit.  We are pleased that the right outcome, namely dismissal of the petition, was achieved.  Our client was elected with a very clear majority and, with this petition now dismissed (and with the petitioner not having sought to appeal) she can continue with her job of representing the people of Mid-Bedfordshire."

Ampthill Surgeries Parking Debate
Posted Wednesday, 1 July 2015 at 13:17

Yesterday I called a debate in Parliament to highlight the urgent problem of parking around the GP surgeries in Ampthill.

With more NHS staff working in Ampthill, and more houses in the town and wider region, parking around the surgeries has become very difficult. Cars mounting the pavements pose serious dangers to pedestrians and there has already been one minor crash.

Every time I go to see my doctor in Ampthill I am reminded that this serious situation is getting worse and I want to act before somebody gets hurt. I will not let civil servants pass the buck until a preventable accident forces them to do something. The GP surgeries in Ampthill need improved parking facilities so that our healthcare system does not force patients to sacrifice their safety.

To demonstrate the strength of feeling locally, I presented the Minister with a petition I raised in the surgeries that contains the signatures of several thousand concerned residents.

I also wanted to offer potential solutions, such as NHS England releasing some of the Section 106 money received from housing developers for precisely this kind of infrastructure upgrade.

During the debate Alistair Burt, MP for North-East Bedfordshire and Minister at the Department for Health, announced that NHS England has pledged to meet 25% of the costs of any upgrade, in addition to the potential S106 money.

I will now work with the local practices to prepare a bid to access some of the £750 million primary care infrastructure fund and will chair a joint meeting between NHS England, Ministers, the practice managers and other stakeholders in order to reach a solution acceptable to Ampthill residents and patients.


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