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My Adjournment Debate about Employment Terms for Reserve Forces Personnel
Posted Friday, 28 June 2013 at 11:33
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Expenses Announcement
Posted Thursday, 27 June 2013 at 08:38

I can’t talk about the IPSA investigation until it reports other than to say that so far I am happy with the way the investigation has been conducted and I am looking forward to the report.

However, separate from the investigation, I have made the decision to stop claiming any personal MP expenses and to fund my role as an MP from my salary. In effect this will take most of my salary, which means I will be representing Mid Bedfordshire for free!

I cannot fulfil my role as an MP without accommodation in Westminster. I cannot travel backwards and forwards to and from Bedfordshire on late nights. As I am on the Speakers Panel, if I am late for an early morning Public Bill Committee then the committee cannot sit and that creates a serious problem for the Clerks, Officials, Ministers and MPs involved. Therefore a second home in Westminster is essential.

For the last eight years I have claimed for the cost of my room/flat, as I am entitled to, plus council tax, utilities and my travel expenses to and from the constituency to Westminster — as do the majority of MPs.

From the end of July I will fund this using my salary and will draw no personal expenses.

I have rarely claimed the late night meal allowance and have never claimed the £2,800 pa allowed when I was a single parent with a child under the age of 21 in full time education.

I have long said that under the present system, before long, Parliament will be a place of millionaires or paupers. I loathe the expenses system and believe it should be scrapped and MPs paid one flat-rate fee.

Whilst I draw personal expenses I cannot argue for reform of the system or put forward the case to scrap expenses. Not drawing expenses puts me in a stronger position to be able to do this.

As someone who is high profile and frequently reported I have also decided that it is not fair to put my staff through the constant stress that scrutiny and investigations bring about.

I have given a statement to

NB: The cost of running the office, postage, staff salaries and constituency mileage will still be claimed.

Emily Davison Memorial
Posted Wednesday, 5 June 2013 at 14:52

Other women Conservative MPs and me marking 100 years since the death of Emily Davison in 1913.

The fight for equality goes on!

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