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Be careful what you wish for...
Posted Tuesday, 31 May 2011 at 08:07
The link forThe One Show is up on iplayer. My package is 9.18 in.

My youngest daughter met me at the studio. Before arriving she sent a message which read, 'Is the celebrity Johnny Depp? I've told all my friends that knowing my luck it will be Alan Titchmarsh!'

Already there and knowing who the celeb was, I sent one back which read, 'be careful what you wish for!' 

The One Show team told me in the green room that they had decided to include the item as they felt the printed media coverage of the bill had been distorted. The studio was full of young people and everyone who spoke to me told me that they had agreed wholeheartedly with the aims and objectives of the bill and they felt strongly that it should be included on the show.

Thanks to everyone on The One Show, especially Melanie and cameraman Neil - lovely professional people who were a pleasure to work with.

And thanks to the 6.35 million viewers who watched and now have a better understanding of what is simply a measure to help young girls reach their life potential.

The One Show
Posted Monday, 30 May 2011 at 13:39
In an hour or so, I shall be making my way to the One Show studio for a rehearsal and make up.
Am I nervous that the show has 6.35 million viewers and today may be more? Noooo, of course not. Nerves are for wimps...gulp.

I spent last week filming a package with teenage mums and others. It is amazing how much organisation and filming goes into a 3 - 5 minute package. After the film has been shown I will be in discussion on the sofa.

Why couldn't I have been on the show on Friday night when Neil Diamond was on the sofa? 

Although I have no idea who it is, the celebrity guest tonight will probably be Widders. Sometimes, life just isn't fair!
The meaning of Life and Newsnight
Posted Thursday, 26 May 2011 at 14:22



Last night, on Newsnight, I debated with Ann Furedie of BPAS the appointment of LIFE to the Governments sexual health forum.

Before I went on air I contacted the Department of Health and this is what I was told and then given in writing;

Marie Stopes International and the British Pregnancy advisory service have similar interests. We offered them a shared membership but they declined, and after careful consideration we concluded that it was not feasible to invite both….

The bottom line is that BPAS had a strop because LIFE, a charity which supports women with a crisis pregnancy who decide not to abort, was appointed to the forum. BPAS were quite happy for the two organisations which carry out the majority of the UK’s abortions, Marie Stopes and BPAS to be on the forum, but not LIFE.

 If BPAS had got its way, how on earth would such a distorted, heavily weighted in favour of abortion perspective provide a balanced view on the forum?

The Department quite rightly felt that only one abortion provider was required and as BPAS refused to take alternate sittings with Marie Stopes, selected Marie Stopes.

Although I think I kept my cool, I take exception to the manner in which Ann Furedi made her objections. I showed her the email from the Department at the end of the show in order to re assure her that I had quoted correctly the information I had been given. I understand how angry she must feel, not least at her own organisation for having acted so petulantly, however, I do think her objections were slightly un-professional.

LIFE is an amazing charity. When women who don’t want to abort find themselves in danger or on the streets, LIFE picks them up and looks after them. Many adopted people today literally owe their own life to LIFE. They achieve nothing which isn’t wholly good and kind.

To object to their inclusion demonstrates a slightly warped view of what women and children need and want. If I were to go further, it also suggests that all women should be given no option other than that to abort, and Jeremy Paxman almost went there.

Posted Wednesday, 25 May 2011 at 13:32

The news that the Government has ejected BPAS from the new sexual health forum and replaced them with the charity LIFE is pleasing, as it was the right thing to do.

Journalists who have contacted me have asked the question ‘do you agree that this decision was taken quickly, as a result of the success of your 10 minute rule bill calling for abstinence to be included in sex education teaching’ and ‘do you think the Government have been caught off guard by the amount of public support for your bill’?

I have no idea, what I do know though is that it is a very good step in the right direction.

At  the time of writing this, I will be going straight from filming with pregnant teenagers into the NewsNight studio to discuss this very subject.

Posted Wednesday, 25 May 2011 at 09:59

Why is it that the security in Parliament for Obama’s visit is about ten times tighter than it is for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh for the State Opening and Queen’s speech?  Not that I’m complainin’ mind, (was it Eyore who said that?) but it does appear to be a tad excessive!

Just in case any of the ten million security forces in and around the building are interested, I’m off to Edmonton straight after the speech to film with pregnant teenagers and teenage Mum’s.


Harsh light of day
Posted Tuesday, 24 May 2011 at 15:31

I am about to vote for a Government amendment as opposed to a motion bravely laid by back bench MP, Mark Reckless.

Now is not the time to fight Europe, it is time to pay off the deficit and restore our own economic stability. However, this amendment simply puts off the evil day when the vote to bail, or not to bail, will arrive. When that day comes, there will be only one way to vote.

I know that my constituents are struggling and feeling the pain of deficit reduction. I also know that they are opposed to bailing out the EU.

Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are all on their backs financially, it is not the place of the UK, to tip them back up. We need to head to growth as soon as is possible; we can’t do that if we are taking responsibility for every other failing country in the EU.

The EU dream is dead.  It’s over. The balloon has burst. There is no Eurosceptic scaremongering going on here, it’s a harsh light of day reality.

The Sunday Times and gentlemen.
Posted Sunday, 22 May 2011 at 11:46
It appears that Atticus in the Sunday Times picked up on my Andrew Neil blog.


However, thank you Roland for mentioning the campaign, you, Sir, are a gentleman.
Mail on Sunday
Posted Saturday, 21 May 2011 at 22:53
Andrew Neil and Rats
Posted Wednesday, 18 May 2011 at 15:45

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Political Twitter is a sewer in which the left crawl, fester and cook up their nastier campaigns.


Apparently yesterday was another classic day of Nadine bashing. When I hear that, it’s music to my ears. If I'm trending on Twitter, which I have done a lot over the last few weeks, then it means the ideological left are really angry which generally means I have got it right.


I am not even going to comment on the ‘sickness’ of those people who yesterday manipulated my comments to attempt to make people believe that I think the victims of abuse should ‘just say no’. Victim blaming is always wrong and it is sick beyond belief that some people use party politics to manipulate such a false argument. The abused are never to blame, but those who would use their tragedies to score political points are.


I have noticed there is a pattern and yesterday was no different. A comment was selectively edited and presented out of context; this was taken up in a war cry on twitter and then magnified by the sophisticated tactic of re-tweeting and drawing in the poorly informed. To anyone whose awfully real and tragic history of abuse was manipulated yesterday for the political ends of my opponents, I am truly sorry for you. However, to the lady who eleven minutes later morphed into a man and emailed me with two heart rending but totally different stories from the same computer, I hope you don’t mind if we don’t take your emails too seriously?


I am grateful to Yasin who posted this blog yesterday which highlights the degree of distortion which takes place when the left are under threat.


Generally, however, I am delighted. My Ten Minute Rule Bill has gained huge public support. The phone calls following the Jeremy Vine show and the following numerous radio interviews, the audience comments and support on the Vanessa show, the emails and letters we have received in the office, the public polling, the current written and broadcast media interest all point to the fact that parents believe I am speaking out for them when no one has done so for a very long time. The media eventually get that and remember who watches their programmes and buys their papers.


Parents feel that the bombardment of sexual images and easy access to online porn, the availability of lads mags, the over sexualised adverts at bus stops and on the sides of buses, the incessant references to sex on prime time TV, the prodigious number of teenage magazines aimed at the very young which discuss sexual positions and techniques in graphic detail, the high street marketing and provocative perfume advertising billboards, to name just a few, all achieve one goal – the over sexualisation of our young people at too early an age.


And to Andrew Neil, who last Thursday used abusive and sexist references to me in order to desperately hold on to the viewers of This Week - throwing bits of rancid meat to the handful of left wing inhabitants of the Twitter sewer who watch his programme – I hope you don’t mind if I point out that you, sir, are an overweight, orange, toupee wearing has been, and whereas what you said about me isn’t true, that surely is?

Posted Tuesday, 17 May 2011 at 16:31
Have just agreed to spend a day filming to make a programme for prime time mainstream TV on teaching young girls that's it's cool to say no.

Will be joined on the programme by teenagers, their Mum's and young girls who have been victimised by our over sexualised society.
A Virginal, Dancing, Fairy Godmother
Posted Tuesday, 17 May 2011 at 10:46

Every Tuesday evening a team meeting takes place in my office with regard to the abortion/teenage pregnancy/adoption issues.  If we hit a wall and don’t know the answer to a question, we call aunty Ann Widdecombe on her mobile.

I don’t always like what she has to say because Ann and I aren’t in 100% agreement on some of the points, however, what she doesn’t know  isn’t worth knowing – especially when it comes to Parliamentary procedure.  And that is one of the problems today,  this place takes many years and a little more than an Erskine May to navigate and understand. Many of the elders have gone or died, the late Eric Forth being the most notable and therefore, having Ann on the end of a phone can be a blessing.

Without any prompting, Vanessa Feltz brought in a mention of Ann during our discussion on the Vanessa show and Vanessa’s description of Ann as a virgin who can dance surely has to stick? If it does, I will have my own variation, to me she will always be my virginal, dancing, fairy godmother.

The Vanessa show link for the next six days and our discussion is 12 minutes in

Turning Point
Posted Monday, 16 May 2011 at 12:30

A few years ago I hosted a day for disabled children at Woburn Safari Park for the disabled children in Mid Bedfordshire. We had an amazing day after what took months of organising and the employment of extra interns to cope with the whole lead up as well as the actual day.

The staff at the Safari Park were amazing.

On Friday, I visited the Turning Point, a project in Barton Le Clay and met again one of the young people who had attended the day.

I would like to begin by paying tribute to the staff at Turning Point and the centre manager who, with patience and kindness, have to deal with some of the most profound disabilities one can encounter in the caring profession. The centre had a lovely atmosphere with parents present and the jolliest, happy staff.

I was there for a reason though, to assess the impact of the changes to be made to the welfare reforms, particularly DLA and will now be taking the information back to the Minister for Disabled People on Tuesday evening.

If I can find enough help, I have also decided that we will repeat the day for Mid Bedfordshire’s disabled children as soon as possible if the Safari Park will be kind enough to close again for the afternoon and give us free reign and all of their workforce,  just like last time!

Tim Ireland, again.
Posted Friday, 13 May 2011 at 20:35

Today I had a meeting with Bedfordshire Police. They informed me that under caution and recorded on tape at Guldford Police station, Tim Ireland, of bloggerheads, has been issued with a warning under section two of the harassment act.

The Vanessa Show and Lawrence Dallaglio
Posted Friday, 13 May 2011 at 09:25

Yesterday afternoon became one of the more pleasurable media experiences I've ever had.

I agreed to be a guest on the Vanessa show to talk about my Ten Minute Rule Bill which aims to ensure that, whilst young girls are being taught to apply a condom to a banana for the third time during their education at age 13, that they are also taught that it’s wise to say no to sex. Not least because it's illegal under the age of sixteen, but also because no contraception is 100% effective and a pregnancy at that young age, in most cases, robs a young girl of any of the opportunities life may have to offer in the future.

Of course, as I said in my speech, boys should be present too and be made aware of their responsibilities, but it’s the single mums who enter old age in poverty and girls the High Street aim it’s over sexualised marketing at - so the emphasis is on the girls because they need and deserve it. As an aside, the health risks to a young pregnant girl are also much higher.

The rugby hero Lawrence Dallaglio was also on the Vanessa Show launching his new family cookery book which, I have to say, looks fantastic with lots of really easy family recipes. Lawrence, a dad of three, is a big family man, a genetic inheritance from his Italian father.

During the filming it was fantastic that Vanessa, Lawrence and the studio guests were supportive of the bill. Vanessa asked 'aren't girls being taught to wait until you are in a stable relationship and in love?’

The answer is no. They are taught the mechanics of sex in school, but nothing more.

After the dissembling venom heaped upon me by the socialist elite press, it was heartening to be in a studio of 'normal' people. Vanessa and Lawrence may be 'stars' in their field, but they are both parents, both knew what they were talking about and both shared my concerns, that the invisible moral boundaries which were always in place within society - put in place by families, teachers and the church, are no longer present. There is nothing for teenagers to bounce off and it’s time to address that fact and start rebuilding the framework of right and wrong for teenagers to operate within.

At Silsoe Children's Centre
Posted Wednesday, 11 May 2011 at 15:32

On Saturday, I had the huge pleasure of planting a tree to commemorate the opening of Silsoe Children’s centre in the sensory garden which is attached to Silsoe Lower school.

It was a great day with lots of Mum’s, Dad’s and children in attendance. The centre aims to help young Mum’s in a way Health Visitors used to – for example, with breast feeding and the other bewildering situations which sometimes overwhelm new parents.

For the benefit of the children, there was also a visiting zoo with guinea pigs, snakes and spiders. It was at this point I slightly lost my composure. I quite like reptiles normally, probably because I work with a few, however, the visiting tarantula was a step too far for me I’m afraid!

Thanks to the PTA, governors, Sue, the head teacher, Jane, and all the staff and parents who work together as an excellent community. It was a great day and you should all be very proud of your fantastic fundraising and hard work.

As bad as it gets..
Posted Sunday, 8 May 2011 at 21:11

At 20 past 10 tonight I will be on the 5 Live Stephen Nolan show with Tim Farron MP, President of the Lib Dems, talking about NHS reforms.

Tim Farron reckons in today’s Observer that it wasn’t really that bad for the Lib Dems. They lost over 600 councillors in one night. Hardly surprising when you so often say one thing and then do another, the public are eventually going to see through you. 600 councillors in one night? That’s about as bad as it gets.

Lib Dem activists will blame the Lib Dem MPs and the cosy relationship. A schism will appear between the two.  Lib Dem activists will want their MPs to disassociate themselves from the Conservative party in order to pull back their core vote.

Lib Dem MPs enjoy being in power. Why wouldn’t they? Let’s face it, if you had told Danny Alexander, former ‘parkie’ a year ago that within weeks he would be Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he would have called the men in white coats.

Lib Dem MPs are living the dream they never dared to dream, they won’t want to break the coalition.

Enter NHS reforms. David Cameron wants the coalition to stay. Why wouldn’t he? We have a deficit to pay back, a growth agenda to formulate and a country to put back on its feet.  But here’s the tricksy catch – last week the people gave us a vote of confidence. We expected to lose up to a thousand seats, but we didn’t, we  increased our net number of councillors. For us, last Thursday was as good as it gets.

In order to survive the pressure to break, Lib Dem MPs will need sparkly gifts from the cabinet to take back to their activists to calm them down.

I and other Conservative MPs fear that those gifts will be concessions to the Health and Social Care bill.

If concessions are given, Lib Dem MPs will be able to adopt a rhetoric which will dazzle and daze their own activists. They will be able to claim that the coalition has to stay. That they cannot leave because as a result of their very existence as part of the coalition, albeit a very small part,  the Lib Dem MPs are protecting the NHS from the worst of the Conservative party reforms. In fact, they will be able to claim that they, the Lib Dems have saved the NHS and got rid of reforming Lansley (probably part of the deal)

There are some of us who are passionate about the reforms as they stand. We are 100% behind power being devolved to the patient.  We will not stand back and watch the failing Lib Dems transduce one of our most radical policies into something we no longer recognise.

Because, we don’t have to.

Is Suzanne Moore mad, or just bad?
Posted Sunday, 8 May 2011 at 12:44

This is what she wrote in today’s Mail on Sunday with regard to my bill...

Between the ages of 14 and 16, girls would attend abstinence classes where they can learn to 'just say no'.

I don't know what the boys would be learning while the girls are being thus 'empowered'. Politics? Philosophy? Economics?

This is what I actually said when delivering the bill and the link to the full debate is below. It is also 13 -16 not 14, so she obviously didn’t even read the bill.

“I believe that the answer to ending our constant struggle with the incredibly high rate of teenage sexual activity and underage pregnancies lies in teaching our girls and boys about the option of abstinence—the ability to just say no as part of their compulsory sex education at school.”

Please note the two crucial and clear points in bold above which Moore, whilst focussing on spitting her peculiar dissembling venom, chose to twist..... boys are to be included and the option of abstinence would form part of the sex education programme.

Moore wrote that...

 Here in Britain, we are seeing a drop in teenage pregnancy rates - so why Dorries wants to provoke another moral panic is hard to fathom, but she does

I actually said, as recorded in Hansard and in the speech below..

“According to data published by the Office for National Statistics in 2007, Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in western Europe, so we must be doing something wrong. That is why I am introducing this Bill”.

I should have added that we also have the highest abortion rate in Europe.

Her most serious lie follows, so serious it’s straight to a lawyer’s office in the morning...

Her, er, 'way' with people was showcased in the Channel 4 television show Tower Block Of Commons, in which she went to live on a council estate, where she then effortlessly stirred up racial tension.

...along with the letter of congratulations I received from Oona King, head of diversity at Channel 4, for the sensitive way I handled the diversity and racial issues I was presented with during the making of the programme and for the successful outcome.

Buried in the article is one sentence where Moore says she agrees with me. So she agrees with my opinion, but writes an article full of hatred, malice and lies.

I could take this article apart and expose each and every lie line by line, but it would make too long a blog.

The biggest scandal in the whole article is her metro elite, Islington dinner party acceptance that young girls in Newcastle, should be subjected to a lifetime of single parenthood, a life time on benefits, which tax payers pay for, and an old age in poverty, because people like her try to destroy the slighted attempt to teach them how to say no to a persistent boyfriend; Why? Because that happens, that’s life for teenage girls on council estates - not that the wealthy, elite - prone to telling vicious lies - Suzanne Moore, would know anything about that though.

Suzanne Moore and Camilla Long both have something in common.. they are far more concerned with promoting their own brand of nasty journalism on the back of and at the cost of something which aims to benefit those much worse off than they are, for the purpose of furthering their own careers.

Shame on them.

Link to the bill speech...

Posted Saturday, 7 May 2011 at 23:44
It appears that Camilla Long, Sunday Times journalist, must have a few bats in her own tiny little belfry. Probably there to keep her cats company.

Throughout her interview with me in tomorrow's paper, she insists that I said I didn't want to be interviewed by a 'woman' journalist. This is completely untrue. Total, utter rubbish. A downright lie. An absolute lie she repeats a number of times. 

A bit sad that a respected Sunday Newspaper has to manufacture lies in order to put meat into an attack story.

My PA, who gave the non driving, maniacally tense in a passenger seat, witch like Camilla, a lift back to the station, said as she came back in through the door, "she was a bit weird".

Maybe she prefers broomsticks to cars?

And there was me, thinking she was lovely. I think they call that being under a spell!

The week that was..
Posted Saturday, 7 May 2011 at 17:23

It has been a very intensive time since Labour MP, Chris Bryant, forced a division on my ten minute rule bill in the House of Commons.

Following an almost all night sitting in the Commons and just before the local elections/referendum/count the whole thing couldn't have been sandwiched in any tighter.

For twenty four hours it was almost wall to wall radio ‘appearances’ and interviews, concluding with a two hour session with the Sunday Times, for their News Review , tomorrow. Camilla Long, who was absolutely lovely asked the (many) questions.. Actually, she was so lovely, I found myself thinking that I would be very proud  if she were one of my girls – let’s hope she doesn’t prove to be a smiling assassin!

My office was swamped with messages of support.  We are excited that a very high profile individual, not from the world of politics, wants to come on board. Pollsters conducted snap polls and the results were so favourable, I was shocked. Which makes this following link to the BBC report re parents concerns re sex education in schools, no surprise.

Radio researchers called back to let me know that the listener phone- in callers following my interview had been overwhelmingly positive.

There are 65 million people in the UK, the majority are not PC, don’t live in Westminster village and do not socialise with the London metro champagne socialist journalists. They are normal people; struggling  Mums and Dads, who live the length and breadth of Britain. They don’t read the ‘oh-so –right-on’ Guardian, and feel confused about the type of society we live in.

In conclusion, it appears that ever single person I have met in the last 48hrs listens to the Jeremy Vine show !


AV and Girls..
Posted Thursday, 5 May 2011 at 09:32
Today, along with all other MPs, I will be out on the campaign trail. I have had a number of emails to my blackberry which inform me that the liberal elite are mad that my TMRB won the vote yesterday. I also believe we have had some good news media coverage and will ask my office to post the links at the end of this post.

I respect the point of view of Labour MP Chris Bryant, who I have just finished a phone in with on Radio Ulster, however, I am not happy that his line of attack is that I want to place an emphasis on girls. I do. It's girls who get pregnant, girls who lose their education, girls who are left to bring up a child on benefits, girls who reach old age in poverty, girls who are subjected to a string of guesting fathers as they throw in the towel in a life of welfare misery, girls who seek abortion, girls who suffer the consequences of abortion, girls who are subjected to the increased medical risks of giving birth at a young age, girls who have little control over condom use, girls who are pressurised, girls who are targeted by lad mag marketing, it's seven year old girls Primark made alluring padded bikinis for, girls who are targeted by paedophiles....... 

I make no apology for standing up for our daughters and trying to introduce legislation which empowers, protects and gives them a position of safety to go to.

News links:

The link to 10 min rule bill
Posted Wednesday, 4 May 2011 at 17:00
What a Feeling!
Posted Wednesday, 4 May 2011 at 14:41

Today I presented a 10 minute rule bill to the House regarding the teaching of abstinence to 13 - 16 yr aged girls in school.

The thrust was that girls as young as seven are taught about intercourse, safe sex, how to apply a condom on a banana, where to get condoms, how to detect an STI and that they don’t need to tell their parents anything.

 I believe that is tantamount to encouragement and that we have the balance wrong.

We must have, we have the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe.

 I am not seeking to diminish sex education as taught at present, but to include the empowering option that young girls can just say no. In school, children are taught to base the decision whether or not to have sex on their feelings and wishes. I don’t believe young girls under the age of 16 have consistent feelings and that they can change from day to day. My bill was about making boys wait being an empowering and cool thing for girls to do and that it should be taught as a viable, if not preferable option for girls aged 16 and under – especially as sex at that age is unlawful.

The House divided and I won the vote. It is a very good feeling when that happens. I will post the link to the debate and the speech when it is available.

I am going to have to stop using song titles as titles for my blog soon, it's just too easy!
It's four in the mornin'
Posted Wednesday, 4 May 2011 at 01:37
Well, not quite, it's only 1.37, however, rumour has it we will be here until four. So not funny and having been here since seven AM, I am now totally unproductive. It will be interesting to see in the morning just what has been achieved by this marathon debate - I suspect, absolutely nothing.

Update; It's now 3.49 and it's looking as though we wont be going home at all. Walking through the corridors to vote reminds me of the nights I worked as a trainee nurse, only then I was making a far more useful contribution to society I'm sure.

Ten minute rule bill in the morning, that's if we ever finish the business from today!!
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